1. Loïc Mouton

    GML Puts differents object in a group (or assign a tag)

    Hi everyone ! I've a question about GML, i'm young in the world of GML programming and i'm ask myself is it possible to put multiple object under a single tag ? Like if i have 6 different plateform object, can i put on them a "platform" tag ? Thanks for your answers !
  2. Suzaku

    GMS 2 Working with tile collisions

    Well Im starting to put my tilesets on my gamemaker project(2d platform game) but now I wonder how people actually deal with those tile colisions as they need to be an object for that purpose I think. I think about using the good and old "invisible scaled object" on a separated layer, but I want...
  3. JapanGamer29

    GMS 2 Object disappearing [SOLVED]

    I just want to post this in case anybody else has the same problem. I had an object disappearing for seemingly no reason. I wasn't destroying it or changing rooms. It just stopped running. By checking to see if it still existed, I realized it didn't! In my search for an answer I came across...
  4. C

    GML [SOLVED] Deactivate tiles not in camera view.

    Good evening guys and girls, Im having some issues trying to figure out how to Deactivate tiles outside of the camera View, I basically have a tiling object that draws in random tiles to the whole room (which is 20000x20000) this is basically killing the memory usage of the game So I was...
  5. F

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Diagonal Object Shake

    So, I have a 64x64 object (matching sprite) which shakes at certain diagonals, but not all. I have tried many methods and watched many tutorials. I am pretty sure it is the object, not the camera, because it does this even when the camera is not moving. The ratio is constant, there is no zoom...
  6. J

    GMS 2 Object Rotation about a point not working as intended

    I'm creating a game where you control a fisherman and his boat. The boat is controlled with the left stick and the player movement and casting is controlled with the right stick. I'd like my character to be able to move around within the boat while also piloting the boat around the water. I'm...
  7. E

    GML Objects not showing up

    Hi there, my sprite connecting to my object is not showing up. The object is there as it is a button that exists and functions correctly when i click it. I have made sure my sprites have visible checked and is in the top layer of instances above the background. The sprites are middle...
  8. N

    Keyboard Check Pressed Moves through 2 Objects on Vk_Left

    Hello all, very new to game maker studio. I have an Action Select Obj that I want the player to be able to cycle through, I have a step event that where I check if the keyboard_check_pressed is vk_left then hide the first object and show the second. The problem is when I add a step event that...
  9. C

    GML when I choose another instance this one takes the value of the previous one

    Hello, (sorry for my bad English, I'm Belgian) I select an instance, it follows a path, at the end of it I modify a variable of this instance. The problem is that if I select another instance of the object while the first continues its path, when the path is finished, the variable of the second...
  10. ruwcom

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] An object checks if another object is in the view

    So I have a wall that prevents the player to move forward until there are no enemies on the view, I though the easiest way was to check just that and then destroy itself, but the code needs to run in the wall object, how can I do that? collisions don't seem to work. Also It can't be...
  11. A

    Taking just one instance from an object

    Hello guys! I have like 30 same object in 1 room and I want to do when I click that object image_index change but when I click all of the 30 instances changing. I want this code for just that instance. How can I do it? Sorry for bad English...
  12. M

    GMS 2 Create Object on a (matching) tile

    Hi - I am trying to create an object where a tile/tileset has been placed. I have a background layer, which I am building with tilesets, which will not change or be interacted with. But I need an identical layer above it made up of objects. Simplified, something like: If tileset at (x,y) =...
  13. Bulldrome

    Object Angle Help

    Hello, I'm new to the forums and GMS2 in general so forgive my inexperience. So I'm currently having a problem with getting the angle of an object to work correctly. I'm trying to have this object, a shield, move around the player by using the directional keys. Up would set its angle to 90...
  14. A

    GML Object Help

    I am a pretty new user of GMS and I had one object following another and when the first object collides with the second object, the second object deactivates except I get the following error Unable to find any instance for object index '23' name 'obj_boy' at gml_Object_obj_jason_Step_0 (line...
  15. Carloskhard

    GML Variable references invalid object (-4)

    So I have this code in an object which tries to destroy other object when it collides with it. The code is the following("colliding" is a local variable): with (colliding){ show_debug_message(colliding) instance_destroy(); } and in the debug I can see the ID of the object is correct,but...
  16. P

    Objects deleting after room switch despite persistence? GM:S 2

    Hello! The title is basically the crux of the issue. In a particular project, I have a player object (set to persistent) that, when touching a door object, should teleport to the next room to specific coordinates. However, after I switch rooms, the player object is destroyed even though I have...
  17. G

    GMS 2 Need help drawing objects with GUI Layers within a script

    Hello! I have an object that is drawing a textbox in a 'Draw GUI' event. In this event, I have a script that draws scrolling text inside the textbox. I need to draw an object on top of this box because when I use the draw_sprite function it messes up the animation on the sprite. The problem is...
  18. Axl Trauts

    Different x y positions on several instances of same object

    Hi, I am trying several things for this with no luck yet. I created a shop, where you can buy 1-4 wingmen for the player (a plane). They will go to their respective position: two on the left, one behind the other and the other two on the right, one behind another, like a V formation. When the...
  19. M

    Making RPG chest with specific items

    So I created my sprite chest, made it react with my player's hitbox and works fine. Now I just have to tell what's inside of it and I have no idea how to do it. How can I use the same object chest for various items?
  20. Gigicom

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Place object on top of draw_sprite

    Hello, I am trying to "put" an obj_Slot over a draw_sprite(inventory, [...]). I am drawing the sprite of the inventory in the obj_Player which has a depth of 200. The obj_Slot has a depth of 0. But for some reason, the sprite is still drawn over the slot and I can't find a solution for this... I...