object placement

  1. Snickerzilla

    GMS 2.3+ Need Help With Placing Objects On The Grid (In Game)

    I'm trying to make it where I can place an object on only certain points of the grid but I just don't have a clue how. I've made it where the object that I'm placing within the game will be snapped to a point but I don't know how to make it where it can't be placed on certain points. Please help!
  2. flyinian

    I need clarification on placeing objects in a room.

    Correct me if I am wrong: If I have an object and I place it into a room, that object in the room becomes an instance of said object. That instance will be at the x and y position that I placed it at in the room. All is fine, however it is recommended to code your x and y positions within that...
  3. A

    Legacy GM Isometric Object Placement in Room Editor

    I was following along an old Game Maker 8 Legacy tutorial on making a basic isometric game in GameMaker: Studio when I noticed something odd as I was placing the isometric wall objects in the room via the room editor. It became increasingly difficult to see where I'm placing the objects, as the...
  4. D

    GML [SOLVED] Collision detection not working

    Hi! I have a problem with collision checking. I have a grid based game on which every grid cell can contain only one object. I have a player and enemies. Enemies by now are not moving and the player can move only one cell at once, either horizontally or vertically. My problem here is with...
  5. M

    Windows (Solved) Using for loop to create/place objects (problem)

    Hi folks I've been having a problem with the for loop. I'm probably just not understanding completely how it works yet, but... Here's my goal/problem: an object that, when created, instantly places objects around itself in a grid pattern. Here is the code that I am using to try and make this...
  6. Roachant

    Legacy GM Building a wall by dragging the mouse cursor

    hello! I was wondering if anyone can help me. I'm working on a game where you can build walls to create a room and currently I have it so that you have to place each wall tile one by one. I found it a bit tedious to do it that way, is there a way I can hold down the mouse button and drag the...