object editing

  1. Ephemeral

     Color-Coding for Defined Variables

    Is there a separate color-coding option for object variables defined using the Variables button in the Object Editor? To make them visually distinct in code from instance variables created the normal way? If there isn't, can we please please pretty please get separate color-coding for them in a...
  2. U

    GML Help with puzzle game sprite randomization

    I am trying to make one of those tiled puzzle games like Huniepop, but I can't figure out how to randomize the tiles. I tried this code first in a create event: var character; character = random(2); if character == 2{ sprite_index = placeHolderTile2; }else if character ==1{ sprite_index...
  3. Anti-Icarus

    Legacy GM A Modern Substitute for Sleep Function

    In the older versions of GameMaker (the Legacy versions up to 8.1), there was an action in the main2 tab of the object editor called the Sleep action which would have an object pause a game for a set amount of time based on milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second). Since Sleep is now among...
  4. 2

    Discussion Suggestion: Object Editing, Bring Chain 1 and 2 back On Screen when Chain 3 of Object is Closed

    I'd like a fix to be able to quickly close objects like we used to be able to do. When you are object editing in your actions window (third chained window) your first object window that you can close the whole object by clicking the x, is off screen to the left. The third window almost needs...