object does not exist

  1. KingBR

    SOLVED error when using instance_create_layer

    When i try to create a instance it says that the object was not set before reading, does anyone know why this happen and how do i fix it? This is my code Event: collision with obj_asteroid instance_destroy(); switch(sprite_index) { case spr_enemyShip: { with(other) {...

    GMS 2.3+ Problem with sprites/object

    Hello, I'm new to Game Maker Studio 2 and I'm following Shaun Spalding's tutorial for making action rpg game. The thing is - my object/sprite is not showing at all during runtime At first I thought that something was wrong with a handmeade sprite I did for the game in FireAlpaca, but with sprite...
  3. N

    GML Object Variable being utterly ignored

    if state == 0 && instance_exists(ob_electron) { // Only if the wire is active and the the electron is present will this code run. var e = instance_nearest(wire_start_x, wire_start_y, ob_electron); // Assign the nearest instance a temporary variable. if...
  4. K

    GML Object won't show up in room when placed/created

    The issue I'm having is that, no matter if I place the object inside a room or let it be created with a different object placed inside an instance layer, it doesn't show up in the room when testing the game. This problem arises when I play an object that has a sprite or no sprite at all. I want...
  5. M

    GMS 2 Object Does Not Exist Error (It Does)

    Hi, I'm receiving the following error. I have the object in a create event within brackets. The object exists. I first used a draw sprite line in a Draw event but it said the sprite did not exist so I tried an instance_create_depth? I'm not sure what to do now. ERROR in action number 1 of...