object creation

  1. YoSniper

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] GMS2: Instance Will Not Create

    I am programming a game where a player collects coins. Collecting ten coins without a miss is meant to incur a "streak" bonus. This will be represented by an object that displays text next to the score HUD that rises and fades away. Score is kept by a singular persistent object called World. Up...
  2. S

    My drop down menu isn't working?

    I'm trying to build a menu that opens from the location of an object. I have this script written, but I can't figure out why it's working. It's supposed to draw a rectangle and then build some clickable text objects on top of it, but for some reason when I call this script it doesn't seem to...
  3. L

    Object keeps respawning

    I got a textbox system here, but I got a problem that when the textbox destroys itself, it creates itself again due to this in the step event of the person I'm talking to: (KeyInteract = vk_space) if(!instance_exists(obj_textbox)){ if(place_meeting(x, y, obj_player)){...
  4. S

    GMS 2 Help with Object Permanence [solved]

    In my game the player can craft and place furniture. I already have the crafting system down and the placing system. however after I use "Instance_create_layer" the object is created, but when I leave the room and come back it disappears. How can I make it so the object is still there when I...
  5. H

    Getting objects to follow viewport (SOLVED)

    In the step event of the main character there is a code that makes a invisible object spawn and despawn on top of the character. The object allows the player to pause the game and brings up the menu, but because the object spawns on the character, if the character is too high or too low the menu...
  6. S

    Best way to pin an object and track movements?

    Hey all, new to the community. Very excited to be here. When doing things like arms and torsos that rotate from a top view, what would be the best way to track the objects all together? It doesn’t seem like parent/child thing is the right thing to do as it’s mostly for inheritance. Here is the...
  7. T

    GMS 2 Getting Object Variable With No Instance

    I'm wanting to use an object's variables, not an instance's. I have a build system setup to reference an object and then build the referenced object. After selecting the object to build from the inventory I'm getting an obvious error that there is no instance to pull in data from the...
  8. R

    GMS 2 How do you make an object appear after an array has completed?

    Howdy neighbors! New to Gamemaker2 and I got stuck on this lil piece. I made a dialog function where a box appears and the user cycles through an array of strings to read what the other character is saying. I want to put an object that appears directly after the array has cycled through which...
  9. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 Can't run objects from new room allthough room opens

    I can open another room. I can run non draw code from the create section of the other room. But As soon as I try to run an object it doesn't matter what code it has nothing executes. I can show a message box from creation code but I can't run an object that shows a message box if it has been...
  10. M

    Legacy GM How do I stop a path with one object and continue it with another in gml?

    So right now I'm developing a small tower defence game, and I'm struggling to make it so that when I kill 1 yellow enemy who is half way through the path, the weaker red enemy will spawn and continue from where the first objects path already was. This is my path start code -...
  11. Still57

    Performance issues with multiple objects [SOLVED]

    Hey everyone! I made a Minesweeper game for Android and iOS (I'll leave links down below) and noticed that my iPhone 6 was burning up after I played with it for around 10 minutes. I am using GameMaker Studio 1.4.x (the release prior to the latest one). This is how I programmed the game: I...
  12. P

    Windows how to code x and y as relitive

    i'm makeing one object create a different one useing instance_create(x,y,obj); and I want to make the x and y points the object is created at to be relitive to the object creating it.
  13. C

    Clicking a set of objects and making another appear.

    I am very new to Game Maker and don't seem to find the right way to solve this: I have 5 objects in a room, and need another object (or text) to appear only after all 5 were clicked (as, per example, a clickable object to move to another room). What is the better way to do this?
  14. S

    Legacy GM [solved] controlling object crashing (unintentional)

    Hey everyone, Long time no see.... The project I am working on has zillions of assets that are being generated and then destroyed by a controlling object. The controlling object checks the distance between the player object and the assets. If the distance is less than 400 and the object...
  15. H

    Creating an Object based on the Roomview

    Hello there! Im currently working on a platformer and I would just like a little help with objectcreation. As of now, when my player collides with an object, a "gameover" object spawns with the text, indicating that it is game over. However, currently it only spawn at the position the player...
  16. M

    Question - Code Step event of an Object instanciated by another one

    Hi, I'm actually working with object (call him A) that is in his step event instanciating other object (call him B). I'd like to know if step event of A will always run before step event of B?
  17. R

     Simplify construction of sprite-object pairs

    In GMS 1 it was always a pain having to create a sprite, then create an associated object and manually pair the two together. This behaviour is currently the same in GMS 2, but please consider improving it so that an associated sprite can be created from within the object window and vice-versa...