object collision

  1. E

    GMS 2.3+ Objects not meeting

    Hello, I'm still discovering GMS, and I keep having issues, and questions about some behavior. 😅 Here is what brings me this time : The script in the left is used by the tree, and the Object1 is that character. Because I think it's hugely link, I add that i put "depth = -y" in both of the...
  2. A

    Collision with multiple instances of same object

    I’m looking into how physics works, and I’m trying to have multiple instances with the same objects collide with each other. I know different collision groups have collision against one another, but that’s per object and not per unique instance. What’s the best way to accomplish this?
  3. MercyGRID

    Help: Stacking different size objects on top of each other with priority inside the stack

    Hello all! First post, but I've been toying around for a bit and getting used to the ropes of GML. I'm still pretty new, but I learn quick! I'm trying to accomplish stacking multiple objects on top of one another in the game window, while at the same time giving priority to some objects to be...
  4. M

    SOLVED How to jump off of objects? (Ladders, etc.)

    I'm very new to programming, and as for jumping so far, I'm able to get my character to jump on a common wall object that's below me. I've since implemented a ladder (using Shaun Spaldings tutorials) and I'm able to climb up and down it, and left and right, but haven't been able to work out...
  5. Lens

    SOLVED Problems identifying specific object and thus changing its variables.

    Good morning/afternoon/evening! :potato: I have many instances in a game called oBomber. Also I have an object called oTank, which has a range (collision rectangle). Once oBomber gets inside the oTank's collision rectangle, it should lose HP (to make it simpler, as for testing, now it just...
  6. S

    Slope, tile collision, obj collision (help needed)

    How do I make tile collision and slopes work if the player is 32x32 while the tiles are 16x16? furthermore how can I design it to be functional with obj wall collision? I wanted to have slopes and stairs for my 2d platformer. I've been following Shaun Spalding's tutorial on tile collision and...
  7. Tofu Heavy Industries

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Trouble with object > tile collisions

    ok im having trouble with object > Tile collision in GM2. The player goes too far into the tile, once he walks into one, you can move out the opposite way but cant move up or down because hes a few pixels into the collision tile. I have a room, and it has a tileset layer called collision. in...
  8. A

    GML Object Help

    I am a pretty new user of GMS and I had one object following another and when the first object collides with the second object, the second object deactivates except I get the following error Unable to find any instance for object index '23' name 'obj_boy' at gml_Object_obj_jason_Step_0 (line...
  9. P

    GML Mouse Object Wall Collision

    I am working on a project where the player has to control an object using the mouse. I have the object being created at the mouse's location and statically stays following the mouse's location while moving. The issue I'm having is that I need it to have a collision with the walls of the level. I...
  10. C

    Windows Issue w/ circle collision giving error constantly GMS2

    Keep running into an issue with circle collision. Square collision works fine. But always throws back an error when I try to set the collision on a circle object to circle. Error Statement: Image scale for physics object using circle collision should not vary across axes: I have checked and...
  11. M

    Collisions not working

    Hello, I have a problem with objects using a data_map for variables using any collision in code... In the create event I have something like this monsters[0] = ds_map_create(); //Misc ds_map_add(variable[0],"variable",-1); scr_caller(0); the script looks something like var m_map...
  12. J

    GMS 2 Collision Problems

    v2.1.4.285 I am using a basic collision system(place_meeting) for my 2d platformer. But due to my tileset having to be snapped to the grid(middle centre) for edges to of tile to show. and I use a !visible object that acts as walls and floor. but I have to use 4 different objects to cover the...
  13. M

    Movement within an object

    Hey everyone, I have been struggling with a game mechanic, so far I have when I click "E" a mini monitor (a object) pops up next to the player. I want so that the monitor has a mouse inside it, it should move with the arrow keys. Can you help me? thanks.
  14. M

    GML Object Stuck After Idle Animation - Can't move unless I jump

    The movement in the game I'm working on appears to be bugged. It will not let me move right or left unless I've jumped first. If I start moving, I can keep moving, though sometimes changing the direction makes it stuck too. Jumping works good and as intended, its just sometimes the movement...
  15. K

    GML Need Help With Object Collisions

    So I am trying to make a platformer game where the you can jump off the ground and do movement stuff, problem being that I cannot fix my code and when bug testing the character would not move unless he was off the object. This is my code so far, and I need help: ///actions //Get the player's...
  16. S

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Collisions with a spriteless object

    I have 2 objects: obj_player, and obj_pickup. obj_pickup is a spriteless object that I assign a sprite to in the objects creation code in the room. In this tutorial , it has just that: a spriteless object that is assigned a sprite later on in the creation code. That way, one object can be used...
  17. M

    GML Mass collision between objects

    Hello Community, I struggle at the collision between for example a horde zombies. If i have like 15 objects on the "same" spot, they stack inside each other and can't move anymore. Have anyone expierience with so many collisions at once ? It is great if they are "slide" off each other. Thank...
  18. S

    Object Collision Mask VS Sprite Collision Mask

    I'm unsure as to what the collision mask in the object is versus the collision mask in the sprite. What affects what? When I have a player object and a crate object, what effect does setting the collision mask in the sprite have vs setting the collision mask in the object?
  19. H

    Tile or object collision?

    Should I be using tile collision or object collision? Pros and Cons of each?