object amount

  1. K

    SOLVED How can I get (instance_number) for all objects in a room.

    Hello! I'm a complete amateur and have "some" questions. 1. What is the difference between instance_count and instance_number ? Is it the same thing but for different versions of gm? or are they completely different functions? 2. How could I get instance_number for every object in the room...
  2. Jam373

    Legacy GM Efficiency Generating Rooms

    Not looking for help writing the level gen code, just wondering what the most efficient way to fill a room with blocks is for a platformer. My levels require hundreds of o_blocks and from the little I understand/remember it's not so efficient to spawn hundreds of objects, right? What alternative...
  3. Z

    (SOLVED) Serious lag when having many tree objects

    Hi everyone! For a while now, I've had serious lag issues, to the point where the game becomes unplayable. This only happens when I have a lot of tree objects in my game. Trees have a chance to spawn a new one each day in my game. They also grow each day. In order for a tree to be placed, it...