1. DanjelRicci

    HTML5 Readable meta comments and strings in .js file

    I just realized the 'gamename.js' file exported with the HTML5 build doesn't strip out meta comments (like ///@description, ///@param, etc) and it doesn't obfuscate strings in general, leaving a lot of readable content like resource names, logs, translations, urls, and other potential sensible...
  2. acidemic

    Asset - Scripts Fast & Secure File Encryption Scripts [Free] - Now supports opening encrypted .ini files

    Fast Crypt Ultra - Encrypt / Decrypt & Compress your files, game resources and .ini files super fast and secure! [ Marketplace Link ] This is a set of scripts for secure and fast file encryption and encoding. This bundle contains many scripts that provide various features. Please read top...
  3. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension Protecting Your Market Assets

    Ok you spent days, stressed and managed to put together a cool new extension. Few downloads later someone decides thats nice, they get your extension and the code and make their own copy/version and sell it on marketplace for much lower price. So whats stopping people from copying and...