1. S

    Help with saving decimal numbers

    I´m currently working on my first neural network project. Everything is working so far, but saving all weights not really. I´m searching for a way to save all decimal numbers and couldn´t find anything online. I tried lots of things like (buffer_save/load, ds_map_secure_save/load and ini_files)...
  2. AlexDerFerri

     Sudopic - a dynamic Sudoku puzzle game

    Link to play (no installation needed): Hello everyone! I’ve been working for about a month on a PC puzzle game: Sudopic. Sudopic is a Sudoku-like puzzle game with a dynamic gameplay, thanks to different items that will help or, in some cases, obstruct your...
  3. RobotoSkunk

    GMS 2 [Solved] Convert a string to float

    Hello, I want to make a text box where you can write the position X and Y of an object, but I have no idea how to make Game Maker detect that I'm placing negative or floating numbers. Can someone please help me? ;-; Here is the code that I use to modify the position Y of the object #region Y...
  4. V

    Something's wrong with numbers

    Hello, I'm trying to make something like scoreboard for character(maximum of four), scores add up depending on the order of pushed button. So when I'm trying to add 80 for example, it adds 200, 60 - 120, 40 - 60, 20 - 20. I used this switch case over here: switch...
  5. Turkish Coffee

    Legacy GM The Magic Numbers in the image_index [SOLVED]

    Hey, I have a ballista object that shoots an arrow when if statements are true like below; if (state == "ready" && (collision_line(x+24,y-8,x+TowerRange,y-8,oEnemy,true,true)) && canAttack == true ) //I'm using state to say if the ballista can attack or not but I just tried adding another...
  6. Pfap

    [SOLVED]Finding the largest of 5 numbers

    Ok, I'm trying to grab the greatest out of 5 values and I'm having trouble finding a clean way to do this. I'm thinking a for loop where I eliminate values that are less than the one being checked against, but how would I eliminate values? I have the below started. //run calculations to...
  7. S

    GMS 2 random numbers using ds_list_shuffle()

    I'm want to receive a value between 1 and 6 but if I've already received the value, i'll get a different value. I want to do this by adding the numbers in a ds_list and then using ds_list_shuffle() to switch up the numbers. Then i can just use the first numbers in the ds_list which will be...
  8. K12gamer

    HTML5 Christmas Game (Includes Santa)...

    A short educational game to teach numbers from 11 to 20. Other games in this series are available. I included the HTML5 version and the Download version. The Download version has a few extra things added. HTML5 Version to play HTML5 version Video: Santa Numbers 11 to 21 (Download)...
  9. B

    Windows How to automatically number variables to id them?

    Hello, I have a list of strings, and I want to select one at random. My code looks like this: randomize(); my_number = irandom(4); if my_number = 0 then my_string = string("This is the first option"); if my_number = 1 then my_string = string("This is the second option"); if my_number = 2 then...
  10. T

    GML Room auto Generation. Variable system

    Hello there. I am trying to make an automatic world generation using numbers in a text folder to save the object position in a room Eg 1=Wall 0=Nothing 11111 10001...
  11. D

    GML Infinite -illion generator?

    I noticed something in clicker games such as Clicker Heroes where it's able to almost infinitely generate -illions for the amount of currency you have. I want to do something similar to this for a game I'm making. Therefore, what I need to happen is as follows: Generate -illion prefixes Have...
  12. C

    Windows Most numbers in the IDE replaced with symbols?

    I just installed Game maker on this computer and now some of the numbers have been replaced with symbols, I don't know how to fix this, any suggestions?
  13. RyanC

    Legacy GM Make numbers rotate around a certain value

    Hi all, I've been having some trouble getting the right equation to make a number do this: I want to rotate a value going from 0 to 1 to 2 then back to 0 and so on, based on the level number which can go up to around 12. I'm looking for an equation to do this without having to increment a...
  14. K

    Question - Code Numbers are turining into symbols

    So basically numbers in gamemaker studio 2 are turing into weird symbols. This only happens in code editing programs and I don't know why.
  15. K

    Question - Code While coding some numbers become weird symbols

    So basically when I write down a number, say for instance 3, it turns into a "-" , here's a screenshot I don't know what causes this. This also happened to me when I tried coding with python. I would like to get some kind of fix, because i...
  16. M

    Handling Big Numbers

    Hello reader, I am currently making an incremental idle game with Game Maker Pro (Mac) I have come upon a problem where once a value reaches 2 billion or so, the object that is assigned to draw the value on screen gives us a negative number. For example, if your money is at 3 billion, it will...
  17. K12gamer

    Windows Santa's Numbers

    Short educational number game. The game helps students learn the numbers between 11 and 20. Other games will be available in this series to teach other sets of numbers. I plan to have a different character for each mini game.
  18. zbox

    Asset - Scripts Big Numbers

    Marketplace: Category: Scripts Price: $1.99 FREE Modules: All Description: A set of scripts that allows you to store huge non-negative (to be added) numbers accurately in any base (Cookie clicker style games for example). Gamemaker's...
  19. C

    Number format like in most programming languages

    So today I've worked on a system in my game with date and time. And it went all good, until I've realized there's no "Number_Format" function like in some other programming languages that will prefix the number with zeros. I've designed this function to work like a similar function in C...
  20. J

    Drawing small variables

    I don't necessarily think code would fix this,or if it is fixable,but i am struggling to draw numbers that are smaller than 0.01.anything smaller displays as 0.00,which is not useful to me as i need the exact number thanks for the help I'm new,so I'm not sure if this is the right place to put...