1. David Lorenz

    GML Increase and Decrease Value Gradually

    I was starting to believe I was getting better at programming, when I found myself stuck in a very simple problem to which I can find no efficient solution. Let me explain: At the end of each level of a game, I made a window that shows the final results, with different values like how many...
  2. caner

    SOLVED I need help with my clicker game

    Hello! I'm doing a click game and I've printed a number on the screen, and that number increases every time you click. but when the number is too much, it comes off the screen, so I want to write like 1K, 1B, how can I do that?
  3. SupernaturalCow

    GMS 2.3+ Any way to store really big numbers?

    So let's say I have the number `9444732965739290427392`. That's 2^65. Is there any way to store this in GML? I'm coming to the sad realisation that I can only store up to 64 flags for bitmask operations.
  4. Misael644

    SOLVED Any string function that works in a similar way to "string_format"?

    So, suppose I have a string of numbers whose value is "1234". I want only the first two digits, "12". Or another string whose value is 6. I want it to be 06. I thought about using the "string_format" function, but it's not exactly what I want. I want to use to make timers in the hh:mm:ss format...
  5. Acid Reflvx

    SOLVED [Fixed] How do I find the precise number for when I set my track's position in GameMaker 1.4?

    I am making a game with a level editor, sort of like Geometry Dash. I've been trying to add a Geometry Dash feature to the game; being able to play music at certain points instead of having to play music and wait until it gets to the part you want to test. Here is my problem: I don't know what...
  6. DarthTenebris

    Custom Versioning System

    Hello everybody, A quick question that I can't seem to find the answer for anywhere: can GMS2 do "custom version numbers"? For example, instead of just a flat version "" it would be version "1.0.0-cupcake-dev". Basically make version numbers more interesting. The game options in GMS2...
  7. 2

    GMS 2 Find How Many Tiles in a Tileset

    How do you find how many tiles horizontally, vertically, and over all are in a tileset? I want to add 1 to the tile index of tiles in a tilemap every few frames until I reach the last tile in the tileset, then set the tile index to 1 and start over. How do I get this info from the tileset?
  8. Architheutis

    (Solved!) How to start an animated sprite from a random number?

    Hi Folks, I try to make a sprite-animation, starting from a random number. But I wasn´t successful. I have a walking zombie, spawning in a level up to 6 instances, maximum. The sprite has 32 images. Now I just want for each added zombie a new randomized number, where the its animation has to...
  9. 2

    GML Programatically Create a List of All Rooms

    I'd like to make a list of all game rooms (their numbers and names) that's programmatically created (meaning the list changes when I add/delete/rearrange rooms in the resource tree and then run the game.) Can I use room_last, and loop through, or do I have to worry about missing room indices...
  10. Z

    Drag And Drop Scripted actions doesn't play cause the variable counter doesn't have interger number

    Sorry for my bad english I just need that, I have an event who checks the frames of an animation, but if I play the animation in a different speed, like 0.3 some of the checks will not activate, because instead being in the frame 3, it would be the frame 3.5 How do I fix that?
  11. Silversea

    Legacy GM "string_width" calculating wrong value?

    Perhaps someone with more experience could explain what is happening here, and how to correct it. I'm assuming it has something to do with spacing of the characters in the font not matching with the actual draw length. The actual draw width of this text is 153 pixels, but the game says it is...
  12. id07

    DnD simple number counter?

    I was working on a really small game where I have multiple functions activate when you click on a specific object with a mouse. And I wanted to have 2 separate objects that when you click on one of them, it shows (draws) integers/numbers count upwards on screen. I managed to do this with the...
  13. Zefyrinus

    Numeral separators *SOLVED*

    Note: I'm using GM 6.1. I know it's outdated, but because I started this game project using 6.1, I'm also going to finish it with it. I think this topic has been posted about before, but I can't find anything relevant. Maybe I just don't know what keywords to search for. :confused: Anyway, in...
  14. T

    Legacy GM Search function for any platform

    hello dear GMakers I browsed internet and forums i didnt find nothing for search option or function, just for windows 8. Is it possible to make lets say just for numbers, lets say i enter number 2 and press search to go to selected room2. Or 73 for room 73...? I trying to make something like...
  15. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM combination trouble

    hello, I want to make a d&d code combination puzzle. the click boxes are hotspots, if you want to click to goto_room. (the 3 numerals support to have there numeral sprites, detect if there current image_index) (so that the (CHECK_coder) will detect if the obj_numbers have a correct numeral...
  16. matharoo

    Legacy GM Large Number Abbreviations (1500 to 1.5k)

    GM Version: GameMaker 8 - GameMaker: Studio 1.x. May work on GameMaker Studio 2. Target Platform: ALL Download: Test project download Links: Original blog post on GameDev Palace Summary: In this tutorial you're going to learn how to write 10000 as 10K, 1500 as 1.5k, 1500000 as 1.5m and so on...
  17. J

    Legacy GM Need help with get_integer_async [SOLVED]

    Hey, i never did something like working with strings and numbers together and i'm from germany so please dont talk about my english^^ I already posted this and i still need help but no one answered at the old post so some one already tried to help me with this code: Create: ih_amount = -1...
  18. J

    Legacy GM Input (get_string_async) [SOLVED]

    Hey, i never did something like working with strings and numbers together and i'm from germany so please dont talk about my english^^ My code is something like this: global.amount = get_string_async("Wie viel willst du aufladen?","") global.v = 0 string_digits(global.amount) global.v =...
  19. J

    Legacy GM If number is already in array [SOLVED] (Thanks to "whale_cancer")

    Hey, im trying to check if a number is already in a (1d)array but i dont know how i can do this..... and sorry for my bad english....
  20. Y

    Legacy GM Draw changing number of rectangles [SOLVED]

    So I'm working on a menue, facing the problem of drawing multiple rectangles. I want them to be drawn in a row, but the number of them wouldn't be the same all time (based on a variable). As "repeat" doesn't work very well in draw events, I wonder if there is a better option of drawing dynamic...