1. Mike?

    Issue with dash mechanic for movement

    Hello! This is my first time posting here and I'm in the middle of building my movement in Game Maker studio 2. I have horizontal movement down, however I can't seem to get the dashing ability work properly. In the create event, pretty straight forward stuff: move_speed = 300; key_left =...
  2. E

    Publishing nonprofit games

    Hi Everyone. I am new to GameMaker, and game development in general, and I was planning on creating some small games I have on my mind just for testing purposes. I understand that if you want to publish anything to make some money you require to have the full version of GM, but in my case, I...
  3. H


    I need help creating a shield
  4. F

    GML [SOLVED]Help with Orbital Movement that follows the mouse?

    I've been working on this little prototype this past week, and I've been quite stumped at the start of it. Looks like I have much to learn, lol. :confused: I followed the code from this...
  5. S

    GML Trying to index a variable which is not an array

    I'm still very new to Game Maker Studio, but there's a competition running at my school so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm trying to create a scoreboard for my endless runner; once you run out of lives, you're sent to the scoreboard and told to enter your name. I've had this error whenever I run...
  6. L

    Team Request Building a team. A time bomb. (Aimed at beginners)

    Hail Friends, So looking at some posts about people looking for others to work with, and even saw a team post, I decided to create a new one to begin from the ground up and implement some learning dynamics. I've been using GM:S for about 4 months now and made a very simple platformer game but...