1. L

    For a visual novel-ish vibe

    How do i create the effect of the text box fading in and the text being typed and then it fading out when the player presses a letter/number to progress?
  2. abianche

    Gaming books (Novels or Bios) - any suggestions?

    I am not such an avid reader (a book per month is more than enough!), however I do like reading about gaming-related books, be it a bio or a novel. A couple of examples are Masters of Doom and Ready Player One (I bet you know both!). Do you have something to suggest, similar to these books?
  3. S

    Portfolio - Art Background artist

    Hi, My name's Sergii! I'm a background artist for Visual Novel and Anime Some of my work: You can visit my portfolio: My email: Waiting for you to cooperation!!!
  4. Genetix

    Released College Days - A visual novel/Adventure Game

    I would like to show you all my new game College Days. It is currently available for free on Google Play for Android devices. I would absolutely love any feedback on the game and how to improve it. Here is a direct link to download the game...