1. RizbIT

    Push the Payload!

    Using Sending Test notifications from Firebase cloud messaging console using the test device fcm token. Now im receiving push notifcations as expected. When I click the notification...
  2. Vlad_

    SOLVED Is it possible to disable notifications about the sound being played in the browser?

    Hi, everybody. Is it possible to disable this notification on mobile devices using GMS 2 or JavaScript? My game was rejected during moderation on a special resource. There should be no notifications during the game. P. S. I use a translator to communicate, sorry for the mistakes.
  3. RizbIT

    Apple push notifications and server port

    making something for a client in iOS. I want to be able to use Apple push notifications. But to use them port 2195 outbounc needs to be open / forwarded for requests. but as client is with godaddy shared hosting they have said for security reasons they cant open those ports. Has anyone else...
  4. chirpy

    iOS How does GMS2 implement local notifications?

    Hi, I'm looking into notifications recently, and Android's local notifications + YYG GooglePushNotificationExtension somewhat scared the heart out of me (for the fact we have to glue AlarmManager altogether with NotificationManager to achieve such commonly seen feature; seriously android). The...
  5. I

    Android FCM / Push notifications problem

    Hello! I am trying to add notifications to my mobile app via FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging). I did exactly what it was said to do in the article (you can see the down), unfortunately whenever I try to run a "Test" notification my app closes and no notification is displayed (I did get the token...
  6. J

    Android Local push notifications not firing - Android API > 25

    Hi all! I am having this issue than when selecting an Android target SDK higher than 25 (for example 26 or 27), local notifications just won't fire. It compiles the APK without any trouble, only feature not working is local push notifications. Non-working notifications full settings: Target...
  7. A

    Android [EDITED] Sound and music stop and don't return after notifications in Android

    Hello everyone, I recently updated to Gamemaker 1.41567 (I was using GM 1.1... and when I tried to upload in GPC it was rejected due to vulnerabilities because that version was too old). The game worked fine with the old version, but now after I use GM 1.4, music and all sounds stops when there...
  8. RizbIT

    Job Offer - Programmer Push Notifications

    I need a working example of LOCAL push notifications on Android (and possibly Windows Phone) Will pay. First to test send me a compiled apk. If that works il buy the source code file.