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  1. D

    GMS 2.3+ Can't load Sprites.

    After Updating, My project no longer loads any sprites it tells me: could not open file: C:\Users\(name)\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\bloodbarrelgame\sprites\Sprite6\954498f5-58aa-4ab1-a2c1-b8cd3f0c2684.png, using blank 16x16 replacement I've tried - Reimporting - uninstalling and reinstalling -...
  2. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2.3+ Loading rooms and sounds

    I'm working on a project for someone else. 99% of the code was written by someone else so bear this in mind because this is a very strange issue. I have never experienced this before. 1) I can't access any rooms or sounds that weren't already in the project when I received it. So I create a new...
  3. K

    Windows gms2 not playing game

    I have been trying to test play a game and its been showing this console message "cmd" /c subst Z: "C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\GMS2CACHE" Saving project to: C:\Users\[name]\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\solar FLARE\solar FLARE.yyp...
  4. T

    Windows Solved : Background+Layers not loading when building. Reward 10USD if fixed.

    Hey Im using GMS2 full version on Windows 7 PC. i7 cpu 16gb ram 7970 gpu. Ive been using GMS2 since end of last year and this has never happened before. My game consists of about 20 rooms and less than 100 objects. When i build the game which i normally do 10-15 times every time im working on...