1. Misu

    3D Defining smooth normals on model

    I did a nice lighting system in 3D but my model's normals are flat instead of smooth. I'm drawing them with gm functions but don't know how to define the normals correctly. Can anyone explain how to achieve this?
  2. Bingdom

    Graphics How to write a normal facing shader

    GM Version: GMS1.2 and up Target Platform: Any Download: N/A Links: N/A Note: For the more experienced; if you found any errors or have better explanations in this tutorial, please let me know. Summary: In this tutorial, we will be writing a basic shader which will show the direction our...
  3. Joe Ellis

    GML [SOLVED] Wall & slope collisions, wall slide, sliding against

    Hi everyone, yesterday I found out how to make an object slide against an angled surface, in the same way that most fps games do, where the player rather than stopping still when it bumps into a wall, it slides along it at the angle of the wall, I spent quite a while looking on google and found...
  4. Bastendorf

    Legacy GM [SOLVED-ISH] Normal Maps With Tiles?

    First things first, I looked all over and found nothing on this topic anywhere, so if there was already a topic like this started, I apologize. Now, I understand that what I'm asking is quite advanced, and could be out of the scope of GameMaker all together, so this is something I'm already...
  5. icuurd12b42

    Asset - Shaders TMC LUX Lighting Engine

    TMC LUX Lighting Engine DEMO Outputs: Windows, Windows YYC, Android Compatibility Mode Option Available in Engine Type: Engine Included: Lighting Engine, Texture Normal Tool, Platform Engine, Top Down Demo. Asset Store: Getting Started: HERE Cel...