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    GMS 2 Copy instances from another room

    Good day, Im trying to make an endless level generator for my shooting platform game and I just dont know how can I do it, or how to do it corectly without thousands useless lines of code. The idea is, that I want the player to start the game and as the camera will keep going left, the player...
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    GML Hitbox Doesn't Work

    So ive made a character and a hitbox and then put in collission code between my hitbox and my enemy but it appears i made a mistake. Can anyone help me? My attack code is hsp = 0; x = x + hsp; image_speed = 2; sprite_index =...
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    Having trouble with an error

    I am kinda stumped here and I don't know where to go from here any assistance would be greatly appreciated my code: 1: //Player Movement 2: 3: var xDirection, yDirection; 4: xDirection = keyboard_check(ord('D')) - keyboard_check(ord('A')); 5: xDirection = keyboard_check(ord('S')) -...
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    Clean up memory explanation.

    Hello. I'm new to gamemaker and I've been reading a lot about it and I came up with some important stuff. I read about it but I'd like ask if somebody could explain to me about how gamemaker deals with it. As far I understand, every object on destroy is already removed from memory right? And...
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    GML Cancel Diagonal Movement.

    Hi! Just wondering if I could cancel diagonal movement for animation purposes through this code: (obj_player, step1) ///Movement if keyboard_check(ord("S")) { down = 1 y += 4 } else { down = 0 } if keyboard_check(ord("W")) { up = 1 y += -4 } else { up = 0 } if keyboard_check(ord("A")) { left...
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    GMS 2 Bullets created in wrong place

    Decided to go thought the tutorials since it´s my first time using GameMaker and on the first tutorial I noticed the bullets spawning in the wrong place. It was at the test of "Better Bullets" i first noticed it. Can someone please go through my project and see where I went wrong? PS. The...
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    Legacy GM Help with menus

    Hello everyone, I was wondering how could I create a horizontal menu with graphics (I mean, showing sprites instead of text) and how to add a sort of submenus for each option. I would really appreciate if you explain me how to do this since I'm completely lost and don't know what to do. Thanks...
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    GMS 2 [Fixed]Glitching in walls. Heartbeast platformer tutorial

    I used heartbeasts tutorial for platforms and it works but alot of the times you will glitch in walls and unable to move. If any one has used the tutorial before, have you found a solution for this? and if not have you used a better tutorial that works in gms2?
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    roaming AI help

    ok, earlier i asked for help in an admittedly difficult AI, and after all their help i feel its close to working. however, my problem right now it the roaming AI. heres what i got- create- direction = irandom(8) * 45; alarm 0- direction = irandom(8) * 45; speed = 2; step- if (alarm[0] = -1)...
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    Noob view problem

    So I imported some logo screen from another game I had made. But now it's causing the next room to be stretched out in full screen weird. I tried fixing it in different ways, but I just can't figure it out. I think it's something to do with the same view being used for the logo. What's the...