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    Legacy GM keyboard_check_direct?

    What exactly does keyboard_check_direct do? I've read through the manual, but I can't figure out what it does. Is it used for stuff like pressing multiple keys at once, like holding Z and X to do a special attack? In what context would you use it?
  2. D

    Drag And Drop Power-up for a clicker game not working as it suposed to be

    Hello, folks! Really noob question: I'm creating a clicker game that has a power up that double your coins per second. So, I have a piece code that makes you gain twice coins per second, if the boolean variable called "bonus_is_active", is true. I set this variable to false by default. I write...
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    Greetings from a noob.

    Greetings! I am Raizek and I am a 25 year old Canadian! I am a pen and paper artist, meaning I draw a lot but I've never translated it to photoshop or anything else by computer. Despite never being involved in game-making, lately I have an itch to create my perfect game. So far my journey has...