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    Alarm not working!

    Hello, so i have my caracter that can dash and when he dashes through enemy i set room speed to 10, just to give a little bit of "jucie" to game by having time slow down for a split second, and then i set alarm[1]=2; and on that event it sets back the room speed to 30 again, for some reason it's...
  2. S

    Variable problem

    I'm a bit new to this so sorry for any newbie mistakes but i really need help with this, so i made a variable that SHOULD make my character's shots more inaccurate. But this doesn't really work, in my understanding it should add to the value of X and Y the value between -50 and 50, but this...
  3. F

    Question - D&D collision

    how do i make a collision for my player to run into using drag and drop with no programing?
  4. C

    [Beginner] How do I find the value of a variable?

    I don't know how to actually check if a code is causing a value to go strange. For instance, I'm getting an error I shouldn't be getting when following PixelatedPope's Resolution-Aspect Ratio tutorial and can't test if one line or another is changing the value before it gets to the end. In...
  5. G

    Create event messing up my spawning objects? [SOLVED]

    So I'm having an issue and maybe somebody here can help out... I have a platform with a parent to object solid which all my collision code is on. The obj solid has chance to spawn chest on create above it. I have auto-tile draw code setup on the actual platform to draw edges when another solid...
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    Legacy GM Keeping sprite from disappearing after "check pressed" event ends

    I'm trying to build a menu where when a user selects an option, a sub menu appears to the right of the first set of options. Attached is a picture of what I have so far. The problem I'm having right now is that when use the following code to draw the next section of the menu - switch(mpos) {...
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    Views and a seemless Open World

    Hello all, First off, I am extremely new here, in fact, this is my first post here at the GMC. I have dabbled in code for years, though with no formal training besides python and HTML. Most of my dabbling is in C#. I have a few questions, I have searched the forums and the "googs" for...
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    Game Mechanics Noob Requests help #1: Simple cut scenes.

    Hey there! So, i'm relatively new to GameMaker. Having followed Shaun's tutorial on Asteroid, and a few other tutorials. However, I have no background in coding so I'm still not too well versed in GameMaker or it's Mechanics. That being said I'm developing a simple little plat former as my...
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    Drag And Drop Variable Error?

    Hello, for my game I have some code for if the player's image_index =1,2 or 3, they will have different skills, to better explain read this, and this. Anyway, I'm trying to have it so that if the player's image_index=3, they are faster, and can jump higher. so, I started off with this code to...
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    Noob User

    Evening all. I am a small time game designer, mainly card games and board games. I have two card games that i have completed but not yet released. I am wanting to expand my capacity to make games and hopefully help my small company, Games by a Madman or Two, grow to more than just one person...
  11. K

    GameMaker Music

    Hello everyone I was just wondering how you guys get/make music for your games, from software's used to how it is actually made.
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    Legacy GM Weird siezure like moving of enemy sprites

    The title more or less explains what's happening. But to make it a bit more clear - When my enemies move in a straight line in either the x or y axes, their sprite starts flickering in a seizure like manner. You can't properly see it in the gif...
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    GameMaker Free Edition

    A friend of mine is lamenting the fact that he didn't get the humble bundle. I am lamenting not buying 10 of them. At any rate, is it worth his while to get the free version? Considering we'd both be learning (I am currently slogging through the tutorials) and nothing more, not trying to...
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    roaming AI help

    ok, earlier i asked for help in an admittedly difficult AI, and after all their help i feel its close to working. however, my problem right now it the roaming AI. heres what i got- create- direction = irandom(8) * 45; alarm 0- direction = irandom(8) * 45; speed = 2; step- if (alarm[0] = -1)...
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    Legacy GM Beginner, snake game odd code errors. Outdated tutorial?

    This tutorial was made back in 2013.. Here's a link for it on a specific time stamp. This is the first error, i clear it when i remove the ";" from line 12. But, when i do that. Another one comes up without making sense. It says that in line 13, at the location of letter "n" in the text...
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    Legacy GM keyboard_check_direct?

    What exactly does keyboard_check_direct do? I've read through the manual, but I can't figure out what it does. Is it used for stuff like pressing multiple keys at once, like holding Z and X to do a special attack? In what context would you use it?
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    Drag And Drop Power-up for a clicker game not working as it suposed to be

    Hello, folks! Really noob question: I'm creating a clicker game that has a power up that double your coins per second. So, I have a piece code that makes you gain twice coins per second, if the boolean variable called "bonus_is_active", is true. I set this variable to false by default. I write...
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    Greetings from a noob.

    Greetings! I am Raizek and I am a 25 year old Canadian! I am a pen and paper artist, meaning I draw a lot but I've never translated it to photoshop or anything else by computer. Despite never being involved in game-making, lately I have an itch to create my perfect game. So far my journey has...