1. P

    script works when its not a script but doesnt when it is a script

    Hey guys facing a pretty stupid problem, sorry im quite new to gamemaker So my code works when it is in my step event: but when i copied and pasted it into scr_create_prox_menu, and replaced all the obj_proximity_test with argument0 and all the prox_MENU with argument1, and put it back into my...
  2. EricPB

    GMS 2 Camera and Physics Conflict?

    Here is a problem, I am trying to make a physics based game for GMS2. As such I enabled physics for the one test room I have and the appropriate objects, and try to set up the camera. The problem comes that when I have the rooms boxed ticked off as using physics, the camera doesnt display the...
  3. S

    GML General GMS-Noobie question about hit animations [SOLVED]

    Hello! I've been trying to get into gamemaker studio by making a simple character that will point towards my mouse and hit on click. everything worked out fine except that i seem to have chosen an inefficient way of doing that: i created 2 objects: 1. char 2. hit i programmed it so that when...
  4. C

    GMS 2 How to set up a joystick

    Hey guys, so i recently bought a simple eight-way joystick, with some extra buttons. I want to control my player with the joystick as seen in the picture and i want to shoot with one of the buttons. So this may be be simple for pros but i dont know how to start and do this. :confused::( Maybe...
  5. E

    Passive Ai Help

    I very new to gml and my problem is I am making a game that consists of passive ai and enemies. I am trying to make a chicken that moves to a random position, stops for a few seconds, then moves to another random position. I have attempted to do this for a while and haven't figured it out...
  6. K

    Drag And Drop Sprite drawing problem

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and in GMS2 I'm trying to follow along a tutorial, but ran into a problem. My sprite reacts to events up down left and right. That works! But it gets drawn every step of the movement. I drew the sprite myself, assinged it to an object. Theres nothing but four events...
  7. S

    Windows (Zero Experience) Tried to make super simple program but game window wont show up after compileing

    Was following a guys tutorial on youtube and tried to make my background move from left to right, real simple. But once i followed the grand total of three steps he showed and clicked play/pressf5, nothing happens, a compiler screen pops up at the bottom, finishes, and nothing else. Here is...
  8. J

    Enemy Spawning randomly between set locations & Waves {Please help a Noob trying to learn!}

    Hello, I am creating a top-down space shooter, much like asteroids meets space invaders. I have all the movement mechanics, firing, collisions, sounds, menus, point system, etc nailed down and am moving on to the finals stages: Enemy Spawning, Wave Generation, and Enemy AI. Between multiple...
  9. M

    Unable to find instance?

    I'm attempting to create something similar to a teleport ability in a game, but this keeps happening after completing the function. ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action...
  10. Just a game programmer

    Better moving

    I'm currently making a game on Game Maker Pro. I've only just started and I'm still doing the moving code for the character.I'm using tiles to add graphics to my game. I use invisible object to control where the player can and can't go. I'll put up code, screenshots etc. if you need it. This is...
  11. V

    GML Smooth mouse-following cam & smooth player-following cam

    (sorry weird english) First time posting here, working on a classic top-down shooter with GMS2. An invisible object "obj_smoothcamera" reads on a step event if (instance_exists(obj_player)) { x += (obj_player.x - x) * 0.1 y += (obj_player.y - y) * 0.1 } So when obj_player moves...
  12. B

    Legacy GM mp_potential_step error

    alright so, I've been using GML for a little bit now and I've only been making little one or two button games that I only put a couple of hours into but I recently started a game I want to put more time into and I've encountered a problem. I'm using the mp_potential_step to move and I made it to...
  13. Zuurix

     Buying game currency with real life money: Where to start?

    Hey, all! While I'm not working on my main project I am tinkering with my side project, a singleplayer CCG. It's almost for the alpha release, so it's about time to think about monetization. Since I have already tried selling game on Steam, I'm thinking about making game free-to-play this...
  14. K

    GML [Solved]Problem: Same Type Objects not all being affected by script/instance_exist check

    So the issue is that when I create an object called obj_slow_time, it is supposed to slow all enemies down to 20% then reset them back to their original speed when the obj_slow_time destroys itself. However, when obj_slow_time is created in the room, it only slows down a single (first enemy of...
  15. D

    GMS 2 [Found A different way]How do I check when obj is not colliding with other obj?

    I am trying to make it so when player isn't colliding with ground it will set a varible grav to 1. I tried if place_meeting(x,y,obj_collision) then { grav = 0; }else{ grav = 1; } But it doesn't seem to be turning it to 1 when it is collided with obj_collision because player isn't able to move...
  16. D

    GMS 2 [Fixed]Glitching in walls. Heartbeast platformer tutorial

    I used heartbeasts tutorial for platforms and it works but alot of the times you will glitch in walls and unable to move. If any one has used the tutorial before, have you found a solution for this? and if not have you used a better tutorial that works in gms2?
  17. F

    Enemy Death Direction

    So in my platform shooter, when i kill an enemy, the death animation is the same every time (When i kill him from the right, the blood splat stays on the left). I just want to know what to do because honestly I'm stuck. Thanks in advanced!
  18. S

    Collision help

    Hi, Ive set up movement and need help with collision at a wall. Im new to this and would appreciate the help, thanks! the error im getting is: "In Script scr_player_step at line 59 : malformed if statement" Im trying to use place_meeting to detect when the player touches a wall and set...
  19. V


    Hello, you know how you can for example make instance_create(x+5,y,obj_test) Is it possible to make +5 for direction, to be 5 pixels in front of the direction of player. If yes, how? Thank you!
  20. V

    Whats wrong with this code?

    Hello, this code isnt working (there are no errors etc, its just not working) any idea why? CODE STEP EVENT: with obj_pickup1 { if instance_count < 1 { with self { instance_destroy(); } } }