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    GML Change name of instance using code?

    I am currently make a top down GTA 2 style game and am currently making the cars. I had made a piece of code, I called the vehicle spawn enumerator, to generate a special 5-digit PIN for the vehicle so it can be identified by other objects I will add later in the game. Since the cars are the...

    Legacy GM make sprite play once on contact, then go back to orignal sprite

    hey yall, so im making a game and watch game and what i trying to do is when the player comes in contact with the enemy, the player does a quick animation and then they revert back to there old animation. Ive been trying this with drag and drop and cant figure it out. any help would be great...
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    Help deciding 8 bit style/retro sprite size, resolution, tile size?

    Hello, I am very new to GM2 and am starting my first project. I am a programmer by trade and have always been interested in game development. I think for my first project I would like to attempt something retro/8-bit style. I am pretty confused by the sprite size/tile size/resolution thing. I...
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    Drag And Drop Setting a timer / countdown in 2 different rooms?

    Hey there! I'm a total noob and need to create a timer / countdown in two different rooms / levels, so that your time to finish the maze is limited. If the time is up I want the player to respawn at the beginning... Please help me achieving this with Drag and Drop
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    GML I can't figure out why this crashes my Game.

    I'm trying to make dialog appear in a textbox different to what is in the textbox object but after the textbox is created and distroyed the first time the next time i walk into the npc it crashes the game and I can't figure out why. if distance_to_object(obj_player) <= 5 { if...
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    GML I'm new to programming and need some help.

    I'm trying to make a textbox appear when I get close to an NPC but when I get near it and press E it crashes Here's the code I did I'm sure I screwed up, I just can't find out how. if distance_to_object(obj_player) <= 5 { if keyboard_check(ord("E")) instance_create_layer(100, 100...
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    GMS 2 How do I make the start of an RPG battle system.

    I wan't to make an enemy go towards the player when they get to a certain distance near them and when it makes contact with the player takes them to a battle screen with the character and the enemy on screen. I'm going to just attempt this before adding any kind of ui or options to the screen.
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    Help With Charged Move

    I'm still learning with GMS 2, and recently i tried to create a charged mechanic. Basically, what i want to do is when i press "space" key, the player object will stop moving and begin charging. And then, when i release the "space" key, it will gain a boost movement for several time before going...

    Legacy GM I have a small issue with a object

    so i downloaded this textbox engine and its working fine, but the issue im having is when the text is finished, it deletes itself. all i want it to do is get rid of the text, not the whole object. heres the code /(sorry if Ive been a bit of a nuisance online) if...

    Legacy GM want to make textbox appear when player presses button

    hey yall, i was just wondering if it was possible to make a line of text only appear when a player comes in contact with the object, and presses (in this case) Z; my code is this at the moment, is saying the text with the player being on the object, but when i press Z it goes to the next line...

    Discussion Is RickyG on this website?

    If so i have a question for the homie, please respond, EZ. ********************* Moderator Note: This isn't an appropriate reason to make a forum topic.
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    GML 1 hit kill

    Hello everybody i created a attack system but whenever i hit a enemy or the other way arround it is a one hit kill even though my set dmg isnt equal to its health (in my creation code the Cdmg = 0 and Ehp is set to 100 in my enemies create script) My attack code is : else if ((attack...
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    GML Stationary attack and attack animation problems

    Hello everyone my name is Ben, I just started using gamemaker and i am usingit for a school project. This is my code so far except i have 2 problems 1) My attack animations doesnt seem to play al the wat 2) I dont know the code to make my character attack when he is stationary Note: changing...
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    Legacy GM [Solved]Need help with inventory system

    Hi, i'm new to programming and still learning, i want to make a inventory system that have visible slots at top and when i press Tab key it will show more slots, as a chest, for example. It's most based on Magicite and Roguelands system, for reference, i got to make it apear, but not disapear...
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    GML Instance Create and Depth

    So when my character gets hurt, he is instance layer create switched with a hurt version of himself, but the instance is a lower depth than the floor model so you can't see him... Does anyone know a fix?
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    GML Need help making a tool bar for game. [Solved]

    So, i'm making a like game for educational purposes, i've came to need a tool bar to switch between tools and weapons, i've sketched some ideas, as the calculation for the drawing event and everything, i just have no idea where to start, like arrays and switch functions. Any link to a...
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    GMS 2 how to make floating enemies ?

    i just recently started using GMS2 and im trying to make a floating object but i can't figure out how to make it have wall collision and float at the same time. oh and tbh im a nood at coding just recently started on coding school so i don't know **** about coding. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (oh the game...
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    GML Pixelated Text

    I am having a problem with the text coming out weird and pixelated. I dont know what to do to fix it. I have read some stuff on scaling but I dont know how to do that. If you dont know what I am talking about here is a picture It looks wrong to me

    Legacy GM changing sprites when level increases!

    hey gang. just wondering if anyone could help me out with a little problem on my hands. i want to change the players sprite when his level goes up. the code is down below so please help me out! OBJ PLAYER CREATE /// set fixed rotation phy_fixed_rotation = true; spd = 2; image_speed = 0; STEP...