1. bleeze

    Need some help with enums

    So i've made a 2d array with enum variables for my items in my game. One of the enums is for amount, which tracks how many you have of each item. The problem is when i remove an item, with the simple code: itemdef [ itemtype, itemprop.amount ] - = 1; It jumps straigth to -1, even if you have...
  2. Z

    Legacy GM [Solved] Game decided to break for no reason

    Hi, I've spent a few months on and off working on a game, and I decided to edit it today for the first time in a month. I haven't touched it since the last time I worked on it, and no one else has either. So something caused the car object to break. Everything else is fine, the player...
  3. Z

    Legacy GM Help with 3D sounds?

    Hi, I want to make it so that sounds like car engines and gun shots in my top down game can only be heard from a certain distance away, and have them fade out as the object making the sound gets farther away. I've been watching videos and reading things, but I don't get it. Maybe they're not...
  4. V

    Is this Game Design possible with GameMaker?

    Hello, I´m new here and I am looking for a possibility to develop an easy hands on prototype for my game idea. It´s a football manager and as I have no experience in coding I thought visual scripting would be nice. The thing is, a football manager consist basically of interaction with UI...
  5. J

    Error : The selected Architecture options do not support this device. Please add Arm64

    So I just got the mobile module for game maker studio 2, and I was following the directions to get it all setup for android development. I installed the jdk, the correct sdk's (I hope) and such. I went on my phone and in the developer settings I enabled usb debugging. I added the device as the...
  6. C

    Anyone willing to teach a complete n00b in 1.4.?

    I happen to be inspired by Dr.m64's work on AM2R, and while i have tried my hand in coding in GM about a year ago, i followed an outdated tutorial, (HeartBeasts tutorial) ran into in error, didn't get a response from anyone in the comments, and lost interest for a while. Well, i want to learn...
  7. Z

    GML image_angle checks randomly stop working mid-game

    Hi, I am currently working on my top down GTA 1 style game, and I have run into an issue. When the player is wanted by police, every 16 - 30 seconds, I want the dispatcher to announce the player's direction. ///Direction Update ///Wanted by police and driving a car if(wanted == true and...

    Legacy GM how to check depth from other object

    hey guys, having a error trying to check the depth from another object, says for an error "unexpected epression" code is below. anyone know why? thanks -EZ if place_meeting (x,y, obj_oilman_2) && with obj_oilman_2 depth = -101; { image_speed = 0.1; }

    Legacy GM problem changing sprite

    hey yall, imhaving a problem with a sprite change and collsion detection my code is down below and was wondering if anyone could help. basiclly the problem is when a drop of oil falls from the ceiling and lands in my players bucket, it should set the my score which is global.throwbucket to += 1...
  10. netoxinaa

    rookie asks for help part IV

    hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of rookie asks for help, i wanted to do a wall object so that it stops the player when collided with it, this wall object I did it as a 1 pixel size so that i can place many in the room the way I want, but when I drag the object to the room, i cant...

    Legacy GM help on moving sprite

    hey yall, i wrote this little bit of code but i need it for 7 sprites instead of only 3 in this case, i assume its a easy fix but i have no idea on how to do it any help is great! Step Event if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_right) and image_index != 2 then image_index += 1 //moves player right if...
  12. netoxinaa

    rookie asks for help part III

    i want to make a small square menu pop in the screen when the user hits enter, i created and object for the menu and i was thinking in addin a "key pressed" event in the player object, but is there a way to place an object in the current room from simple code? or do i need to place it in the...
  13. netoxinaa

    rookie asks for help part II

    hey there, i´m working on a space shooter as my first game and i would like to know how to make an enemy shoot every x seconds. i tried to set an alarm in the enemy´s step event but it wont run it.
  14. R

    [Solved] Player can't walk past a certain Y co-ordinate for no apparent reason.

    Exactly what it says on the tin, when trying to walk down inside of a room, the player is blocked at around the Y co-ordinate of 760 even though there are no solid objects or things to collide with at that point. The only thing I can think of is that all my previous rooms had the dimensions of...
  15. netoxinaa

    GMS 2 rookie asks for help

    hellow there, i want to program something simple but i cannot find a decent way to do it (or i havent came up with one yet), i´m creating a space shooter and i want the enemy to be destroyed as the bullet collisions with it, AND THEN play the dead sprite for the enemy (it´s an explosion lol), it...

    Legacy GM issue with object sprite not stopping if player is not touching

    hey yall, (video below) was wondering if anyone could help me with this. I am trying to replicate a game called fire for my game and the problem is when the little man falls out of the burning building it doesn't matter if he is touching a player or not, the sprite continues to play out. also...

    Legacy GM question about random pick of room when game starts

    hey yall, quick question about if this is possible in GM1.4 and if it could maybe someone give me an idea how to do it. any help is greatly appreciated! so what i have is 4 rooms all called: rm_menu rm_menu2 rm_menu3 rm_menu4 (btw cant use backgrounds because i need sprites in my rooms.) what i...
  18. Z

    GML Spawning objects behind player at a certain distance?

    Hello, I want the police cars in my game (top down) to spawn behind the player, just off of the screen. I was thinking of creating a system where it chooses random points in the room, finds one that is a certain distance from the player, and then creates the car, but that might lead to a wall...
  19. Z

    GML Instance_create sometimes works and sometimes doesn't

    Hello, I completed the traffic spawning system in my GTA 2 style game, and it worked, but after a bit it stopped. The way it works is it checks the player distance, and then creates a car, and then a pedestrian in the car to drive it. Problem is, the pedestrian only spawns about 20% of the time...
  20. Z

    GML instance_nearest not working

    I need the guide point for the pedestrians in my GTA 2 styled game to find the nearest direction object so they can start the loop of walking along sidewalks. Long story short, I want them to get the nearest ped direction object, using a variable called resetPoint. This is the code I used...