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    Legacy GM issue with object sprite not stopping if player is not touching

    hey yall, (video below) was wondering if anyone could help me with this. I am trying to replicate a game called fire for my game and the problem is when the little man falls out of the burning building it doesn't matter if he is touching a player or not, the sprite continues to play out. also...

    Legacy GM question about random pick of room when game starts

    hey yall, quick question about if this is possible in GM1.4 and if it could maybe someone give me an idea how to do it. any help is greatly appreciated! so what i have is 4 rooms all called: rm_menu rm_menu2 rm_menu3 rm_menu4 (btw cant use backgrounds because i need sprites in my rooms.) what i...
  3. Z

    GML Spawning objects behind player at a certain distance?

    Hello, I want the police cars in my game (top down) to spawn behind the player, just off of the screen. I was thinking of creating a system where it chooses random points in the room, finds one that is a certain distance from the player, and then creates the car, but that might lead to a wall...
  4. Z

    GML Instance_create sometimes works and sometimes doesn't

    Hello, I completed the traffic spawning system in my GTA 2 style game, and it worked, but after a bit it stopped. The way it works is it checks the player distance, and then creates a car, and then a pedestrian in the car to drive it. Problem is, the pedestrian only spawns about 20% of the time...
  5. Z

    GML instance_nearest not working

    I need the guide point for the pedestrians in my GTA 2 styled game to find the nearest direction object so they can start the loop of walking along sidewalks. Long story short, I want them to get the nearest ped direction object, using a variable called resetPoint. This is the code I used...
  6. Z

    GML "Mount" collision circles to objects?

    Hi, I am creating traffic AI, and would like to make it so I can have "sensors" on the front corners of the car for it to be able to turn around other objects. Right now, when the car turns, the collision circle does not turn with the car...
  7. Z

    GML Change name of instance using code?

    I am currently make a top down GTA 2 style game and am currently making the cars. I had made a piece of code, I called the vehicle spawn enumerator, to generate a special 5-digit PIN for the vehicle so it can be identified by other objects I will add later in the game. Since the cars are the...

    Legacy GM make sprite play once on contact, then go back to orignal sprite

    hey yall, so im making a game and watch game and what i trying to do is when the player comes in contact with the enemy, the player does a quick animation and then they revert back to there old animation. Ive been trying this with drag and drop and cant figure it out. any help would be great...
  9. C

    Help deciding 8 bit style/retro sprite size, resolution, tile size?

    Hello, I am very new to GM2 and am starting my first project. I am a programmer by trade and have always been interested in game development. I think for my first project I would like to attempt something retro/8-bit style. I am pretty confused by the sprite size/tile size/resolution thing. I...
  10. N

    Drag And Drop Setting a timer / countdown in 2 different rooms?

    Hey there! I'm a total noob and need to create a timer / countdown in two different rooms / levels, so that your time to finish the maze is limited. If the time is up I want the player to respawn at the beginning... Please help me achieving this with Drag and Drop
  11. O

    GML I can't figure out why this crashes my Game.

    I'm trying to make dialog appear in a textbox different to what is in the textbox object but after the textbox is created and distroyed the first time the next time i walk into the npc it crashes the game and I can't figure out why. if distance_to_object(obj_player) <= 5 { if...
  12. O

    GML I'm new to programming and need some help.

    I'm trying to make a textbox appear when I get close to an NPC but when I get near it and press E it crashes Here's the code I did I'm sure I screwed up, I just can't find out how. if distance_to_object(obj_player) <= 5 { if keyboard_check(ord("E")) instance_create_layer(100, 100...
  13. O

    GMS 2 How do I make the start of an RPG battle system.

    I wan't to make an enemy go towards the player when they get to a certain distance near them and when it makes contact with the player takes them to a battle screen with the character and the enemy on screen. I'm going to just attempt this before adding any kind of ui or options to the screen.
  14. Okky Putra Perdana

    Help With Charged Move

    I'm still learning with GMS 2, and recently i tried to create a charged mechanic. Basically, what i want to do is when i press "space" key, the player object will stop moving and begin charging. And then, when i release the "space" key, it will gain a boost movement for several time before going...

    Legacy GM I have a small issue with a object

    so i downloaded this textbox engine and its working fine, but the issue im having is when the text is finished, it deletes itself. all i want it to do is get rid of the text, not the whole object. heres the code /(sorry if Ive been a bit of a nuisance online) if...

    Legacy GM want to make textbox appear when player presses button

    hey yall, i was just wondering if it was possible to make a line of text only appear when a player comes in contact with the object, and presses (in this case) Z; my code is this at the moment, is saying the text with the player being on the object, but when i press Z it goes to the next line...

    Discussion Is RickyG on this website?

    If so i have a question for the homie, please respond, EZ. ********************* Moderator Note: This isn't an appropriate reason to make a forum topic.
  18. B

    GML 1 hit kill

    Hello everybody i created a attack system but whenever i hit a enemy or the other way arround it is a one hit kill even though my set dmg isnt equal to its health (in my creation code the Cdmg = 0 and Ehp is set to 100 in my enemies create script) My attack code is : else if ((attack...
  19. B

    GML Stationary attack and attack animation problems

    Hello everyone my name is Ben, I just started using gamemaker and i am usingit for a school project. This is my code so far except i have 2 problems 1) My attack animations doesnt seem to play al the wat 2) I dont know the code to make my character attack when he is stationary Note: changing...