1. netoxinaa

    SOLVED Sorting an array of structs by struct's variable

    I initialized an array of 5 spaces, filling each index with none value. So I have this: [0] = -4; [1] = -4; [2] = -4; [3] = -4; [4] = -4; I also have different constructors, each one has a name variable with a string value. Now then, I add some structs to the array and now it looks like this...
  2. hitch55

    GMS 2.3+ Generate random request in minigame

    Hey. I'm creating a drink making mini-game and wondering how to generate random requests. Like where do I store the recipes, and then how do I have the game pull one of the drink names to request from the player - then after they make the drinks, have the game check the ingredients to make sure...
  3. N

    GMS 2.3+ Obj_Player Not Set Before Reading

    am new to Gms2 and i cant find how to fix this. I keep Getting Obj_Player Not Set Before Reading But I have Obj_Player At The Top of the list MY Code is this Obj_PLayer P_Stats = { Hp : 100, HpMax : 100, }; Obj_camera On Draw Gui draw_text(View_Camera_Width - 300, View_Camera_Height -...
  4. T

    Fighting Game Feasibility For A New Game Dev?

    Hi! I just downloaded the 30-day trial of Game Maker Studio 2 so I can investigate its features. Before I go any further, I thought I would ask: are there any good tutorials for this software that are specific to fighting game development? I have some cool ideas and am willing to put in the...
  5. JJampion

    GML Background transition

    Hi GMC im a very beginner so i have no idea how to make a transition i want to make a splashscreen max 10 sec long with 2 sprites the first from black to white/transparent and the 2nd from transparent to white both 5 sec long here is a example ▓▒░▒▓ i have just a create event alarm[0]...
  6. S


    #region ANDAR var es = keyboard_check(ord("A")); var di = keyboard_check(ord("D")); var up = keyboard_check(ord("W")); var ba = keyboard_check(ord("S")); if (up) or (ba) or (es) or (di) { dir = point_direction(0,0,(di - es), (ba - up)); velh = lengthdir_x(vel, dir); velv = lengthdir_y(vel...
  7. imtired

    SOLVED Objects not showing?? (HELP)

    I was making a platformer and when I tested it out none of the objects showed up, so I checked if they're visible and they where. So I made a new project and made a simple square sprite and an object with no events or anything with the sprite, placed it in the room and it still did not show up...
  8. netoxinaa

    GMS 2.3+ Getting the name of a constructor

    Hello. I'm having a little issue trying to compare an item object with its constructor. I have this constructor function called Cellphone and my player has in its inventory an object made from that constructor. So what I want is to check if the player has in its inventory the item Cellphone. So...
  9. netoxinaa

    SOLVED Image index toggle

    Hello, I have this Flame object with of course a Flame sprite which I want first to start animating. Then when it reaches to the last frame, I want the object to toggle between the last 2 frames for some seconds. I have the following code in the step event, but it seems like it never enters into...
  10. TreysterGames

    This is still happening :(

    Come on man. I was just trying to make a game, but whenever I import a sprite this happens! I restarted my PC uninstalled and re-installed GMS2, and this is still occurring! I don't understand, and any feedback would be helpful! I'm sure if its the file size or what, but I made these sprites in...
  11. conman06

    Problems with Player colliding with more than one block.

    Ok, so I know that when the Player collides with oWall, it works. But, when I try to collide with oBlock, it does not work. My game just freezes up and I have to end task. :( very disappointing Here is the code for oPlayer (player) in Step: (btw vsp stands for vertical speed) //Vertical...
  12. conman06

    Rooms not working

    I'm trying to program my game to go to the next room after the door animation plays, which is activated when the player presses up arrow. I don't understand why it isn't working.
  13. K

    New to GM studio: What should I do next?🤔

    Hey! I'm relatively new to Game Maker Studio and I wanna talk about my "game" I'm making. In reality it's just a test so I can get my bearings. I was wonder what direction I should take it in. I wanna make a super simple JRPG to start and then continue making small projects from there. I've...
  14. kureoni

    walking animations mouse directioned topdown

    im not being able to use the sprite_index to change the sprite animation based on the position of the cursor on the y axis (when the mouse is above the character, we should be able to see him by his back, and when the mouse is under the character, it should be the other way around) any ideas?
  15. netoxinaa

    SOLVED changing a color with a variable

    hello, I'm trying to draw multiple rectangles (each with a diferent color) on screen, one below the other, and I'm using the make_color_rgb() function to change the color by adding a variable as argument. I have the following code in the draw event: var i = 0; while (i != numberRectangles){...
  16. BigCat

    SOLVED Room Wrap & Physics

    Building a game with flappy bird style physics. IE: Each spacebar press causes a single flap. If the left key is held when a flap occurs, the instance adds momentum at a 135 degree angle. Or, if holding the right key - a single flap adds momentum at a 45 degree angle. With gravity turned...
  17. Michael Franklin

    Player not moving

    My character does not move when I run the program. I only have a step event: //input left = keyboard_check(ord("A")); right = keyboard_check(ord("D")); jump = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space); //Movement var move = right - left; hsp = move * walksp; vsp = vsp + grv; //Horrizontal collision...
  18. A

    [Solved] [Noob] player direction

    this goes back to another post made by teamrocketboyz where he asked to face his character in the direction of the mouse. what he wanted was to face in all directions however i would like it in 2 directions Left and Right. i dont know of any functions that check weather the mouse is on the right...
  19. N

    Windows [SOLVED] make enemy go towards me only at certain distance?

    working on this same game found a enemy code a while back and used it and it works fine! not complex at all the enemy comes at me nothing else to it, but I want the enemy to only chase the player only after it gets so close (~10 blocks away) i typed this in: if(point_distance(obj_player.x...
  20. A

    Windows Help with fullscreen stuff!

    Hi! I'm making my first game ever and it will be shown at an art exhibition, here in Finland. Is there anyway to make sure, that player can't leave the game when it's in fullscreen (the game will be played on windows 10) I was wondering that can I disable windows own shortcuts, like alt + f4...