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  1. H

    set an instance's sprite at random

    Hi, When my 'human' instance is created i want it to choose, at random, from 3 different human Idle animation. right now, in the create event of the instance, it executes: sprite_index = choose(m1Idle, m2Idle,m3Idle); //(m1Idle,M2Idle.... are the names of my sprites) but when the game...
  2. L

    Legacy GM Have a object be created in the view[Solved]

    I want two objects to be created inside my view but they won't. I don't know what I did wrong? Code: bar1 = instance_create(view_wview[0]/2, view_hview[0]/3, ob_choose1); bar2 = instance_create(view_wview[0]/2, (view_hview[0]/3)+32, ob_choose2);
  3. J

    GMS 2 Where exactly is x or y in my sprite?

    Hi This seems like something so basic, however I can't seem to find an answer.. Lets say I have an object with a sprite 16x16 pixels. If I go into the code and use the built in variable x or y, where is the value x or y? is it at the origin of my sprite? I have this line of code: if...
  4. S

    Windows (Zero Experience) Tried to make super simple program but game window wont show up after compileing

    Was following a guys tutorial on youtube and tried to make my background move from left to right, real simple. But once i followed the grand total of three steps he showed and clicked play/pressf5, nothing happens, a compiler screen pops up at the bottom, finishes, and nothing else. Here is...
  5. S

    Sign error

    Hello, im new here. Can anybody help me with this : "Error: SignerSign() failed." (-2147024885/0x8007000b) Im learning some GMS with tutorials and more, but in my first project (for windows 8) that **** happens when I try to "run the game". Please, help me. I dont know what to do.
  6. maranpis

    adding collisions to move and click movement

    Hello guys: I'm working on point and click movements. I have a box that moves where the mouse is clicking, but I don't know how to add collisions if I can't divide my speed to hspd and vspd.I created two objects 1. a box ,obj_enemy_CL3_PointAClick 2. the crosshair obj_crosshair this the box...
  7. maranpis

    GMS 2 blurry animations/movements

    Hello Guys i make a video in youtube: (watch it fullscreen please) As you can see when the player moves there is a lot of blurriness ¿how can i deal with that? info: -i'm using Spine animations. -the game is setting at 60 fps. - interpolate colors is off. - this is my camera and viewport...
  8. B

    [NOOB Q] How to start a timeline upon collision?

    Hey y'all, I'm pretty new to game maker and programming so apologies in advance.. I want to have my obj_Exit, to run a timeline upon collision with obj_Player. I set up a timeline that would wait say... 120 steps then switch to next level. Is my code wrong? Is there an easier way to do this...
  9. maranpis

    Jumping and attacking [SOLVED]

    Hello guys: I was trying to figure out in GM2, how to perform a melee attack in the air maintaining the gravity and the previous horizontal and vertical speed. At the moment when I perfom the attack in the air the player stops in the air and execute the animation. This is the moving script...
  10. Mercavez

    Windows pressing run but doesnt?

    Well this is my first time using game maker (and first time posting in a forum in general) but i ran into a problem during the coding tutorial. i followed all the instructions from part one for telling my sprite to move. however when it came time to test it out and run it, nothing happens. like...
  11. C

    GML Trying to make two objects or sprites interact...

    idk what to try at this point. I've been able to run the game with certain scripts with no effect, and the ones that seem like they might work result in aborted runs or compilation errors. Here is one error I've been getting with a certain code: FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event1...
  12. G

    Legacy GM Flickering

    When I start playing with my game, everything goes ok, but sometimes the background starts to flicker and quickly change it with other sprites (very glitchy). I don't know why it happens, it had happened in various computers but just with 1 project. It usually happens when I activate full-screen...
  13. S

    Windows New to gamemaker need some help.

    This is probably really easy but i cant seem to get it right (i'm using drag and drop). what i'm trying to do is make my object change into the other objects depending on where the mouse is. I have 4 objects i want to use. I almost have it down it changes to the back, left, and front version of...
  14. DeusExGM

    GMS 2 A few questions about GMS-2

    Dear forum members. I have very little to no expirience with GMS in advanced topics, so before make an upgrade I need to ask about some features. Is they implemented/useful in GMS-2 (from your own point of view): 1) I examine GMS-2 manual section about cloud saving, but it was about mobine...
  15. N

    Newbie just starting(put this post where it needs to be)

    Hello everyone. I'm a newbie and just have started trying to use game maker recently. I completed a basic tutorial a couple days ago, but now I'm having a problem. I'll provide screenshots and detail my progress. This is a screen cap of a tutorial I used for trying to build the basis for a...