no sound

  1. C

    Windows GMS2 can't make a sound...

    Hi chaps. I've got GMS on a lightweight Chinese laptop. Today I've tried to get it (IDE v2.2.4.474 Runtime v2.2.4.374) to play sounds. Starting with my own sound and then using some YoYo-supplied tutorial sounds. GMS is silent. In the "Sound Editor" GMS is silent, no errors or warnings shown...
  2. B

    Windows Missing FFmpegWrapper.ddl

    I just found out that my gms2 can't play sound due to missing part. This is the error i get. I already tried reinstalling. The newest version, v2.2.3.436, doesn't even open up. So I reinstalled the older version, Anyone had this problem that might have solved?
  3. S

    HTML5 No sounds at all when exporting to HTML5

    So I just bought the HTML5 license.. ...and OMG my game is so bad. So many bugs ahhhhhhh. First item on the list - no sound, at all. What is going on?
  4. Dismike

    Question - IDE no sound properties

    Hi When I try to create a new sound resource, nothing happens. The sound appears in the resourcetree, but the window for the sound properties won't open. Even if I doubleclick it, nothing happens. I tried to reinstall gms2 but the problem remains. I also tried to change the default audio device...
  5. EndermanTamer13

    Windows Game Has No Sound And Won't Save

    I made a game, put it in a .zip file, and uploaded it, but when you download it and run it there's no sound, and the game won't save. The game is programmed to have sound and save so I don't know what's going on here... Can anyone help me?