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    Instance Creation Code Keeps Deleting itself

    Hey, i'm not sure why but this all started happening recently. In some rooms (not all of them) anytime I try to add some creation code to an enemy object, the code will delete itself and I have no idea why. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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    Legacy GM Jumping on enemy heads

    I'm trying to add a feature to my game where if you jump on the head of an enemy, you kill it. (like in Mario) I've only been "coding" for a few months and am not sure where to start. Any tips?
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     No Clue

    Here's some art I've just whipped up using Inkscape, and I'm beginning to work on a game with it. I'm looking for some feedback on the characters :) Let me know what you like and would like to see changed. What will the game be named? No Clue. I'll try to post updates for you guys as well.