1. A

    DLC on Nintendo Switch

    Hello, I have game made with GMS (it is already on Nintendo e-Shop) and now I want to add some DLC to it. Firsty it was meant to be just patch and I more or less know how to achieve that, but I don't know about DLC. Should I release it as patch and somehow check if player have bought...
  2. Ulcius

    Released Talk it Out: Handheld Game for Nintendo Switch

    Hello dudes and dudettes. I am super excited to make this post :) The game I made (in Game Maker obviously) just got released on Nintendo Switch! Wooohooo! This is a guessing game with kind of a twist. You need 2 players to play this game. One knows an item, the other is trying to guess by...

    Windows Upcoming game...

    New Game on the horrizion, has a player that isn't brought up much but has a TON of history. heres a picture and video will be out soon. The games name? OBSOLETE. more will be added on this thread soon enough. fixed issue
  4. BitRoarGames

    INI File Size Limit and Compatibility

    Version: Game Maker Studio 2 Full - IDE v2.2.1.375 - Runtime v2.2.1.291 Hello! I'm currently developing a game with a pixel by pixel character creator and need to log every pixels x, position, y position, and color however, I have read that .INI files have a 64KB limit of the data they can...
  5. R

    Released Donkey Kong Redux - Online Score Saving

    When I was 10 I got a C64 and thought it could be programmed in natutal language. I literally wrote something like: "10 I want a game where I am a plumber who needs to avoid barrels which are launched by Kong by jumping them. I need to reach the top of the screen, etc.." Unfortunately I only...
  6. Lord KJWilliams

    Is Nintendo the most costly platform to develop games for?

    I was told by a friend of mine that Nintendo has a really expensive developers license for game developers, and in addition the hardest for independent game developers to publish games with, but is it the most costly platform to develop games for compared to ( Microsoft ) X-box and ( Sony )...
  7. Misu

    The Nintendo Fan Thread! - The Switch Pro!

    Welcome to the magical and whimsical world of the Nintendo. We gather all Nintendo lovers into one single thread to talk about latest Nintendo stuff and other Nostalgic discussions. Care to talk about the Switch and its upcoming games? Go ahead! Love to share some classic memories from NES to...
  8. K12gamer

    Opinion Do you prefer PC / Console Gaming or MOBILE Gaming.

    I borrowed my brother's iPhone yesterday when I went to the barber. Knew I'd be in there a long time and would need something to do (I normally just take books / magazines). I got bored playing mobile games very fast and switched over to watching stuff on Youtube. I like playing games on a PC /...
  9. F

    Discussion So here is what we know about the Nintendo switch

    According to youtube the Nintendo switch is just a beefed up android tablet modified to have removable hardware for analog sticks and dpad and buttons and triggers and a app which is behaving like a operating system launching only apps compatible with the switch removable hardware which also...
  10. Meowanator

    Alpha Super Smash Clash: Beta Announcement + Testers Needed

    A Super Smash Bros fan game featuring 10 characters, each never seen in an official game! Download: Current Characters: - Krystal [Star Fox] - Zoroark [Pokemon] - Goomba [Mario] - Wolf Link [Zelda] - Waddle Dee & Doo [Kirby] - K.K. Slider [Animal...
  11. S

    Discussion Nintendo Switch Module

    Hi everyone! Nintendo Switch is without a doubt a huge hit! Nintendo sold more consoles of it than the Wii in the first month of the launch. Nintendo is also opening up to indie developers, so I think it's weird that there's no Nintendo Switch module on Game Maker. Please like this post if...
  12. M

    SSBK Trouble please hell

    I am making a fan game called Super Smash Bros Kaboom on Gamejolt. A lot of the characters have a glitch when the characters' walk/run sprites are showing their jumping animation. I later found that it was because of the sprite origins. I got some characters to show their walking animation as...
  13. AverageJoe

    Discussion A Breath of the Wild

    Hello all! Just wondering what everyone thinks of the new Nintendo game...The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! I beat the game over spring break, but I also don't think I explored every nook and cranny of the massive granny of a map they had. What do you all think? Hey try not to spoil...
  14. Misty

    Request for Nintendo audience.

    I've been doing some thinking...I've analyzed what the difference between Nintendo, Xbox and PS4 is. Nintendo systems are more focused on local multiplayer and family games...nintendo is made for a family console and people with semi-lives. You pick up a Nintendo, you play for a few hours with...
  15. Diogo Pimenta

    GameMaker 14 - Creating the Super Mario Bros Game (How to make the camera follow Mario)

    Good afternoon people! # Aula14 Let's learn how to create the #SuperMarioBros Game? ^^ In today's class I will show you step by step how to make the camera follow the main character in Game Maker Studio. I hope you enjoy and share with friends. Do not forget to leave your comment. Embrace and...
  16. Diogo Pimenta

    Game Maker - Creating the Game of Super Mario Bros (Move of Mario without scripts)

    Good night people. Let's learn how to create the #SuperMarioBros Game? ^^ In this class, I show you step by step how to create the movement of the main character of the game - Mario, without using codes or scripts in Game Maker Studio. I hope you enjoy and share with friends. Do not forget to...
  17. N

    Opinion Success of the Nintendo Switch

    Hey guys, Just wanted to start a discussion with some people on the community and their thoughts on the Switch and if it will make or break the big N. I would love to hear why people would think it would be a success because I just can't convince myself it will be one :P and I would love to...
  18. A

    Any plan on partnering with Nintendo Switch?

    With Nintendo announcing the Nintendo Switch and that it's partnering with so many third parties, including Unity, I expected gamemaker to be in the list too. Is there any plans for allowing us to develop for the Nintendo switch?
  19. Posho

    Nintendo NX!!!!

    :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: GM:S2 pls... :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  20. Posho

    HTML5 Making Wii U games with the HTML5 export module

    So I was snooping around and found out that there's an official Nintendo tool that turns HTML5 into Wii U games for the eShop called the "Nintendo Web Framework". I looked around and there seems to be little to no information about this lying on the Internet, even though this is an...