nintendo switch

  1. Alemar5

    SOLVED does the nintendo switch joycons work in game maker?

    Hello friends, today I tried to connect my joycons to my pc and control them with game maker, the program recognized them, it also told me that they were available, it gave me the name of the control and it told me that it had 16 buttons, all good up to here, without However, I tried to detect...
  2. R

    Mac OSX Nintendo Switch Pro Controller + Xbox Series X/S Wireless on Mac?

    I browsed many topics about using the 'Nintendo Switch Pro Controller' on my Mac OSX. All threads I found got it to work on basic level and and some buttons on the Switch Pro. In my case, it doesn't trigger anything at all, yet it's detected by Game Maker? The controller works fine in Steam...
  3. S

    Development How to create Nintendo Switch Game

    Hello Game Maker Community, I've created a simple jump'n'run game and want to make it compatible with my nintendo switch, how do i do that and how can I make the controls for switch.
  4. C

    GMS 2.3+ How to get the game to run inside the Nintendo Switch?

    I can compile the game to the Switch within Gamemaker studio 2 and it works totally fine. I am using the correct versions of GMS and NSDK. However, to get it working inside the switch, I need a .nsp of the game or something correct? Using the GMS create executable button just does nothing. GMS...
  5. Timik

    Question - IDE (Nintendo Switch) Launching game loading time is really high.

    Hi, I hope someone with experience on porting switch games with Game Maker Studio 2 can help me. One of the tests that our publisher is doing in reviewing out Switch build is setting the FS access log to the SD card and simulating a slower SD card. When simulating the slower SD card, the game...
  6. A

    DLC on Nintendo Switch

    Hello, I have game made with GMS (it is already on Nintendo e-Shop) and now I want to add some DLC to it. Firsty it was meant to be just patch and I more or less know how to achieve that, but I don't know about DLC. Should I release it as patch and somehow check if player have bought...
  7. Q

    Question - Code Build for NSW - loading time.

    The game is loaded from GameCard for Switch for about 6-7 seconds: 3 seconds to start YoYo Games Switch Runner V1.0, the remaining 3-4 to Run_Start, in which the first object is called. VM is used instead of YYC for a number of reasons. Are there ways to put a static splash on the preliminary...
  8. B

    GMS 2 Get String in Console Exports

    Version: Game Maker Studio 2 Full - IDE v2.2.1.375 - Runtime v2.2.1.291 So I've been working on a game that I'd like to be more console friendly for future exports and have no idea how getting a user entered string would work on something like PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Since my main target...
  9. GameDevDan

    Released Gyro Boss DX - The Orbital Avoid 'em Up!

    Today we're launching our orbital avoid-em-up Gyro Boss DX on Windows! (20% Launch Discount) Now available on Nintendo Switch! - The planet is under siege from an alien with a bizarre arsenal of weapons including bullets, bombs...
  10. B

    Graphics Designing a Game for Nintendo Switch (Resolution/Aspect Ratio)

    While the Nintendo Switch module is on the horizon, I as wondering how developers may plan to prioritize their game resolution/sprite sizes? If someone is making a game only for the switch, we already know that the end-user will have a device with a 16:9 aspect ratio (handheld switch). Should...
  11. S

    Discussion Nintendo Switch Module

    Hi everyone! Nintendo Switch is without a doubt a huge hit! Nintendo sold more consoles of it than the Wii in the first month of the launch. Nintendo is also opening up to indie developers, so I think it's weird that there's no Nintendo Switch module on Game Maker. Please like this post if...
  12. P

    Supercalifragilistic Bacon ** Tools for Game Novel?

    Forum dwellers, latte addicits, people. Normal people. Who has made a game novel? You can call it an interactive novel but that's boring, very boring. I'm going to cut shapes out of construction paper and make collage graphics for this idea I've got. The parts of the characters need to be...