1. Fihril Kamal

    Alpha Demon Slayer Ninja (2D Beat Em Up Game)

    - DEMON SLAYER NINJA - ver. Hello everyone! It's been years since I left Game Maker because I busy doing digital paintings, now I came back to make a new beat em up game. So here's the story idea: You are a Ninja with supernatural power tasked to exterminate all kinds of hostile...
  2. giraffeman210

    Free Score Attack Ninja 3

    This is the last game I plan to make in this series. The idea has been to make classic arcade style games that are all about scoring points. The only way to progress through the levels is to score points. This way it actually feels fun and rewarding to get points. This game is a maze game where...
  3. giraffeman210

    Demo Score Attack Ninja 3

    Game is still in development. This is part three of a project to make classic arcade style games with my own style and with a unique way to progress. To finish a level you have to collect points. So many games use points but they don't do much of anything so I wanted to make it so points do...
  4. Megax60

    Remake of ninja gaiden?

    I wanna know if there is a remake or ninja gaiden with gamemaker, so i can modify it and kick that ***** butt With the same bugs and stuff
  5. G

    Beta Swipe Fu

    Hey! I am creating a game where you swipe ninjas away and try to survive on a bridge for the longest. It records your highscore. GIF of gameplay Download here! I have only: Highscore Retry Stages (each stage it gets quicker) - [Max Stage Level 5] I am planning on to add: Ads Cloud Saving...
  6. S

    Blade of Following (Work In Progress)

    Name: Blade of Following (Working Title) Genre(s): 2D, Puzzle, Ninja, File Type: Executable Description: You play as a ninja in feudal Japan whose Shuriken (ninja stars) have been blessed by a goddess with the power to redirect themselves mid-flight! You have been assigned by your master to...
  7. S

     AK47 Ninja [JustUpdated][PlayableDemo]

    Hey guy this is a game i have been working for for a bit have a video below with game play and info let me know wthat you think thanks Download!ompRCQhZ!14CcdONQbrkDcQb4PwPdBNjWIs-xR3fKwSYTCzLMCNA Try it for yourself let me know what you think of the...
  8. Jeremy

    Alpha Ninja Platformer [DEMO]

    Category: Platformer GM Version: GMS1 File Size: 2.58 MB (6.32MB uncompressed) ZIP Download: You're a double jumping, coin collecting, slashing and dashing ninja on a quest of self discovery. Controls PC (Default): A,D - Walk W - Jump/Double Jump A,D,W+SHIFT - Dash J - Slash...
  9. A

    Alpha Overclocked Demo

    Super Meat Boy meets Mega Man in Overclocked, a free-flowing action-platformer that mixes combat and fluid movement. Overclocked follows Amber, a glass-cannon vigilante who is fighting to protect her home from an enigmatic computer virus that is causing people to lose control of their bodies and...
  10. Coded Games

    HTML5 JEWEL NINJA - HTML5 Action Game

    Play Jewel Ninja! Jewel Ninja is a simple color matching action game. Tap buttons (or use the arrow keys) to have your character jump toward and smash jewels. Break them quickly to start a combo and score extra points! Tap any button to break yellow jewels, they will explode destroying all...
  11. N

    Enemy detects when a player enters the field of view

    Hi, I'm trying to do to the enemy detects when a player enters the field of view in which is aimed. Below a picture of the explanation exactly what I mean. Thank you for your help
  12. spinout

    Android Game release - What I learnt - Facebook Integration MUCH more powerful than originally thought

    Block Dash Ninja The game is called Block Dash Ninja, and if you watch the GIF below you will see what the idea is. you rotate and move the blocks to form chains which remove them from the board. I released it on Android, but unfortunately don't have a Mac to release it on IOS. The game was...