1. W

    I've made a programming mess.

    Allright, long story short - I don't know how to move up and down using the code I created. (I can move right and left just fine) I'm very new to programming and I can't continue my project without overcoming this. My code is - [Create] //speeds hsp = 0; vsp = 0; max_hsp = 3; max_vsp = 10...
  2. M

    GMS 2.3+ Help Please! New to GameMaker & Struggling With Sprite Direction!

    Hi all! I recently downloaded GameMaker and started doing some tutorials on Youtube to teach myself the basics. I'm happy to be part of the GameMaker family and have always had a passion for gaming, with only recently having the idea of trying to create my own game from scratch. I have a...
  3. W

    Development Starting my game design journey, any tips?

    Hey all! Just started getting into game design in the past couple of years and I fell in love with it as a narrative medium. I started with RPG maker, which was a fun way to get introduced to programming but a very limited tool for the type of games I was passionate about. Coming from being an...
  4. ILikeBalls

    Don't know fixing collision. It always stuck.

    everytime the rectangle hit the ball in the left or the right side, the ball stuck and the score goes up rapidly. Is there any tips to fix this problem? Video:
  5. L

    GMS 2.3+ (invisible) Map for Text adventure

    Hi yall, this might be an easy one for veterans, but IĀ“m struggling to find the right method to create a map operating in the background. The basic idea is a simple text adventure, so "Go North" stuff, no real graphics involved. I just need a quick suggestion what method to use to easily...
  6. F

    Windows Im new to game maker(less than 1 day) but nothing appears on my screen, i just put random sprites on a room, but for some reason, nothing appears

    actually my plan is a 240x240 resolution screen, but that not important now, whatever i do, my running screen appears as full black, how do i solve this?
  7. I

    Save last highest score

    Hi I need help with saving the last highest score after the player has died. what happens is, after the player sets a new high score (number greater to the last score) the last highest score will be shown at the main menu (I want just one last highest score to be written). what i want is once...
  8. I

    multiple Item drops in position of enemy being destroyed (SOLVED)

    Hi, I'm still new to GML and I need help with multiple coin drops in position of where the enemy is destroyed. I have achieved this in some way, once I destroy multiple enemy in radius coins is dropped in its destroyed position however some times more coins is dropped in another position after...
  9. rainydaypictures

    Trying to generate phrase inside grid at random

    I'm new to game dev and it's my first time posting in this forum. I'm halfway through the trial period and about 40 hours deep into tutorials, free and purchased, and some playing around. Granted, this is a very short time. I'm just trying to figure out what GMS is capable of. I have a series of...
  10. R

    Create a Rope Swing/Grapple Using DND

    Hey GMC! So this is my first post within the GMC. I am currently working on a GM platformer project for one of my classes using DND, and I would really like to incorporate a grapple ability for my player character, but I am not sure how to go about this or even where to start. I have seen...
  11. K

    New to GM studio: What should I do next?šŸ¤”

    Hey! I'm relatively new to Game Maker Studio and I wanna talk about my "game" I'm making. In reality it's just a test so I can get my bearings. I was wonder what direction I should take it in. I wanna make a super simple JRPG to start and then continue making small projects from there. I've...
  12. Stonesword games

    Windows Calculating the radius of a turn.

    So basically I'm making a virtual version of a turn based table top game I play. I made visual representations of the movement rulers in the game ( forward, bank slight right or left, hard turn right or left). My question is how do I calculate the rotation of the sprite as well as the radius of...
  13. Reddoka

    Hiii I'm new

    Hi everyone, I'm new, I'm programming according to a tutorial but not as I like. In the tutorial, the character can move around as usual, but my character can't move left or right, only jump in directions. Does anyone know why?? Please help me! Q^Q ~~~ Thanksss >w<
  14. J

    How do I add a loading screen to a game?

    Hi! I'm new to videogame development and I was wondering if it's possible to add a loading screen for my game. It's basically a loading screen between the main menu and the first level, because its kinda weird to just press the start game button and then instantly start the game; that would be...
  15. T

    GMS 2 Issues with paths

    Very new to GMS as a whole, just completed the DnD breakout tutorial. Decided I'd stick with that game a little longer to practice some stuff, and worked on adding new powerups. The one I'm currently working on is supposed to make the bat move slightly upwards in a smooth motion, then return...
  16. BlueScarf

    Shaders Having Trouble Understanding Shaders and How To Change 1 Color into Another

    Hello everyone! I am new to Shaders, and don't really understand how they work. I've watched a couple of Youtube videos, and opened up some example projects, but I'm still confused. I have a large collection of walking, running, jumping, sprites for my character. And in all of these sprites he...
  17. H

    Question - IDE Space rocks tutorial

    Hi there, just tried out GameMaker today for the first time. I have been following the tutorial for space rocks. I have been getting this error: ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ ERROR in...
  18. Xocrona

    Weird movement animation

    Hi, so I'm knew in Game Maker desing (so Idk if this is a very newbie issue or I, as always, found a way to break the matrix :() and saw a tutorial 'bout making a walk animation. The code it's okay if you just use one sprite (with or without animation ;)), but here's the problem ... when I...
  19. A

    GMS 2 Issue On EnemyHit and HP

    Hi guys, I am having a problem in my rpg game. I found some opensource code and I didn't understand the "hp-" expression. Because of that I couldn't code my enemies hp and my game crashes when I hit them. //EnemyHit// var _damage = argument0; hp- = _damage flash = true; if(hp > 0) { state =...
  20. S

    GMS 2 Room transitioning doesn't work at all

    Hi, I'm completely new to programming and decided to follow FriendlyCosmonaut's Farming RPG tutorial series on youtube. I'm trying to set up the room transition area but my character just walks right through it with no reaction. This is the code I put under the player's Step action for the...