1. T

    Fighting Game Feasibility For A New Game Dev?

    Hi! I just downloaded the 30-day trial of Game Maker Studio 2 so I can investigate its features. Before I go any further, I thought I would ask: are there any good tutorials for this software that are specific to fighting game development? I have some cool ideas and am willing to put in the...
  2. sweep

    SOLVED Help with projectiles.

    Hope someone can help. I've set up a player who can throw a dagger . The code is below. But in the game the player throws multiple daggers. I only want to show one dagger . I've tried to figure it out but without much luck. I know using two dagger images (one facing left/ one right) isn't the...
  3. A

    GMS 2 Sprite problems

    My Sprites wont show! I am a beginner and I was making one of my first games (Following Shaun Spalding Platformer series) and for some the sprites won't show (and settings were set to "visible", The layer was in front, And the objekt I had was out on the background) What should I do? Can...
  4. Bart

    GMS 2.3+ "Constructor methods", assigning a creating struct's id to a newly created struct

    Hi all. I'm trying to do a seemingly simple thing using the new structs in GM2.3: /// Convenient macro definition #macro log show_debug_message /// Function definitions in script asset function ins(creator) constructor { self.creator = creator; log(self); } /// Struct definition...
  5. R

    GMS 2 Need help preventing enemies from getting stuck on eachother

    I am using the built-in grid pathfinding for my enemies to be able to move around walls to chase the player and all that and its working fine but for some reason, if the enemies touch each other they get stuck. I have tried putting move_bounce_solid(other); into a collision with another enemy...
  6. B

    What to expect before purchasing gms 2?

    Hello everyone. Completely new here and was just a little curious about the engine you guys use. I'm thinking about buying a license but have a few concerns. The 100 dollar license(something I can afford) says I can export to Windows, Mac, Linux. I also plan on using...
  7. conman06

    Changing Room when object clicked?

    I'm trying to make the room change when an object is clicked. Note: I am new to the software. If you could explain it I would appreciate it.
  8. conman06

    Difference between "Image_index" and "Image_number"?

    I am very very new. I know that Sprite_Index chooses which Sprite, I think Image_index chooses which frame of a sprite, and I have no clue what Image_number does?
  9. Nabil Kabour

    Question - IDE Game works on older IDE version but has bugs with new IDE version

    Hi all, My game runs fine on the December 5th 2018 version of gamemaker studio 2, but runs with loads of bug and glitches with the newer versions. I've attached a Google drive link to my project. If you press load game, then either player0 or player1, you will see that the character has no...
  10. Wicked

    GML Randomly generating chest spawns with a randomly generated level

    Hi, i've posted before about needing help with this for another problem, but here I am again. I've made some progress with a bunch of things but am currently stumped with trying to place down chests in the grid of the level. It is based off of this tutorial, and this is the code that came with...
  11. M

    GML problem with instance variable

    Hi, i am kinda new to GMS2 and i need some help. I would like to create an instance variable called "hello" but GameMaker do not recognize it as an instance variable (in green) like "score". I would like to understand why it is doing this and how to fix it. By waiting, I wish you a nice day ;)
  12. B

    GMS 2 REAL argument is undefined?

    IDE: v2.2.2.413 Runtime: v2.2.2.326 Hey, I'm having an issue with the new Studio 2 update that just hit. I recently updated and out of the blue, I'm having an issue converting a saved string to a real variable using the "real" function. I've switched back to the previous and the...
  13. Misu

    Discussion Google Stadia: your thoughts

    So Google Stadia has been announced. I like the idea how it tries to enhance gameplay experience by increase performance and memory using streaming service but I dont like how it destroys gaming tradition. The fact its just a web stream service on any device makes me feel like its just an...
  14. T

    GMS 2 Starting out with GameMaker. . .

    So, a few years back, I had a slight bit of JavaScript coding experience with a tutorial on a separate program, and completely forgot everything I learned. I started doing drag and drop coding with websites like Scratch which involved no coding and was very appealing at the time. Now, I want to...
  15. P

    Legacy GM Help with game over audio

    I am working on a galaga style game. The player has 3 lives and dies after getting hit 3 times, but i want it to play an audio when he dies. i cant figure out how to do this and ive been to, too many forums trying to find a way to solve my problem but i havent found anything (sorry for my sloppy...
  16. G

    need help with tile collisions

    I have a sprite with a collision box that is rectangular shaped but it seems to teleport or push itself downwards then snap to a grid and can sometimes go through walls. Please i need someone to help me i am using the code in Tilemap Collisions in GMS 2 - GMWolf var dx = moveSpeed *...
  17. giraffeman210

    Free Score Attack Ninja UPDATE V.1.1

    Hello! I just released my first project called Score Attack Ninja! The idea was to make a simple yet addictive arcade style game. You throw ninja stars to defeat enemies who in turn give you points. survive long enough to get enough points and you clear the stage. The link below has more...
  18. Q

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]New to GMS

    I am new to GMS as in I have less than 24 hours with it. I am simply trying to go from an idle animation to a run animation and back. I am using Spine Pro for the sprite animation. Anytime I move my sprite it just freezes. If I understand correctly it is because every "tick" it is restarting my...
  19. b38b38b

     Gopnik2D - the hardbass platformer

    Gopnik2D is the very first game I programm. Currently we are 3 people working on this project, me ( programming ), YooxaZ ( design ) and Starslav ( music, also on youtube). It is my first game so I dont want to do any difficult mechanics and keep the game simple. We are looking for new ideas and...