new game

  1. H

    Windows Shadow Child

    This is my first game made in game maker studio 2. I made this game so I could test my skill and learn new stuff about the game developing industry. If anyone checks it out, I would love any kinds of feedback about the game (good, bad, all will be useful). Thank you all. Full Game on
  2. I

    Destroy multiple instances on collision

    Hi, I am having a hard time figuring out how to destroy multiple instances on collision. At the moment I have a second attack (right_click) object called "water_balloon_test" the size of this sprite and collision mask is full 300 x 300. On collision with enemy it only destroys whatever instance...
  3. Zeathus

    New Game and continue

    Hi! I'm a begginer in GML and I'm making a simple platformer and I want to make a save & load with a New Game and Continue but I don't know how can someone help?
  4. Didjynn

    Steam Suprapong

    Hello World, Do you like Pong ? Do you like Flipper (the game, forget about the dolphin) ? Then you'll love Suprapong. Suprapong is a mix between both and even more. You move around a circular arena and both sides of your raquet can smash the ball, improving it's speed but also changing its...
  5. Rizlad

     Pirates & Necromancers

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I have recently decided to make some of my early project open for public view. I respect this communities opinions over others and would love to hear from you all! Please check out the project...
  6. R

    Sony Licensed Spin-Off game?

    I'm thinking about uing Sony IPs for a fan made tactics game, doing something crazy. Thoughts?

    Windows EZTALES - coming soon...

    EZTALES is a game that i have been working on for the last few months, and i am proud to say that the demo will be out shortly! (note there will prob be a few bugs so let me know if there are) anyway here are a few snapshots for you guys! leave feedback on what you think. and yes i know my art...
  8. K

    Android Guess What's Hidden Most Unique Puzzle Game, which is completely different from other "Guess" Games. Features: • Beautifully Designed • Mind-Relaxing • Challenging • More than 300 Levels How To Play: 1. Drag The Light 2. Guess The...
  9. D

    Android Revenge

    The Revenge Download: remember kids.... Revenge is a dish best served cold. Play Store Description: Got some time to kill? Get your revenge with this old school challenge! Drag the blocks and let them go to fill the...
  10. G

    Alpha KoraTema Early Alpha !

    Hello everybody ! KoraTema is an game i've been developing for over a month or some weeks , it's an small little project that i've been working on in my spare time and isn't something very serious . All sprite (Including character/enemies) are placeholders and will be changed later , also goes...
  11. L

    Swords of elementala

    I A week ago I started my first side scrolling adventure. Needless to say my husband and I are still working on it. Hopefully when he wakes up we can continue working on it. The first area is nearly complete. Looking to put in a save function, chest, and an item menu. The monsters still need to...
  12. Z

     I'm Making Two Games, Which Should I Finish?

    Hello Guys! I've made some quick prototypes of two game ideas I've had, but it has come to the point where I need to focus on one and I'm not sure which I should work on. I was hoping you guys could give me some advice on what you'd rather see finished. Critiques are welcome as I'm looking to...
  13. P

    "New Game" game_restart not working

    So i have a main menu, and a few test levels, i also have a save and load feature. it works fine, except the whole game is persistent. its an RPG game so when i load the stats i had when saved and the room i was in when saved becomes the current room and stats. It all works fine except when you...
  14. A

    Box Maze On Steam (Created with GM)

    Hi Peeps :) Box Maze Early Access Description Play with or against friends as a silly box and be the best box you can be by finding your way through unique levels without being destroyed by your enemies as well as other obstacles, encounter new enemies and bosses as you climb the levels and be...
  15. K

    Gamemaker newbie needing guidance

    Hello. I was hoping someone might be able to offer assistance please. I attended a 3 day workshop to learn how to use Gamemaker and started to make a pretty decent game. Problem is the class was quite full and the instructor did not get the chance to cover most of what I'm sure he would have...
  16. A

    New dev looking to create short 2D adventure game.

    Hi, I just got GameMaker, loving it, and I'm looking to create a short, 2-dimensional side scrolling adventure game with a puzzle element in it. It's basically an "escape the room" concept in which the main character is wandering around picking up puzzle pieces and keys to reach the exit...