new game developer

  1. JustEnix

    HELP: Create A Physics For My Game

    Hi, I'm new to game programming, so as you can guess, I hardly know how to encode what I want. What I'm looking for is a scarf that is attached to the player and moves with him with (like in Dead Cells). I'll appreciate any help.
  2. JustEnix

    SOLVED HELP, PLEASE! - Increase Max Health With Sprite

    I'm new to game programming, I don't have enough knowledge to do everything I want to do on my own, that's why I need your help, guys. I created a sprite for the player's health, but then I ran into a problem: how am I going to show that player health is growing as he level up and increases his...
  3. JustEnix

    GML Physics for a scarf that follows the player

    Hello, I'm new on programming games, so as you can guess a barely know how to do code what I want. I searched for tutorials of how to code the physic that is mentioned on the title but couldn't find anything. What I'm aiming for is a scarf that is attached to the player and moves with him with...
  4. K

    New to GM studio: What should I do next?🤔

    Hey! I'm relatively new to Game Maker Studio and I wanna talk about my "game" I'm making. In reality it's just a test so I can get my bearings. I was wonder what direction I should take it in. I wanna make a super simple JRPG to start and then continue making small projects from there. I've...
  5. NeilC

    GML Is this logic sound?

    Hey guys, I'm new to GameMaker and game logic so having to take a guess on best practices without knowing what commands might solve my problem. This technically works but I'd be grateful if any of you could tell me if this is the wrong way of doing things - it would help me greatly in...
  6. T

    GMS 2 Issues with paths

    Very new to GMS as a whole, just completed the DnD breakout tutorial. Decided I'd stick with that game a little longer to practice some stuff, and worked on adding new powerups. The one I'm currently working on is supposed to make the bat move slightly upwards in a smooth motion, then return...
  7. C

    What kind of games should made by a new developer to understand fundamentals of game developing?

    Like "you should make pacman-like game to learn/understand enemy AI". What's the list that makes you say "if a new developer made these games he's/she's not a newbie anymore.". And if your list games have priority, please specify it by numbers.
  8. V

    That's a lot of questions

    Hello everyone, I'm new at GMS, and i'm trying to make a 3D puzzle horror game based on I'M SCARED and DO NOT BELIEVE IN HIS LIES. i'm seeing that is really challenging, specially because its 3D and GMS its made specially for 2D games, so i have some questions and i think you guys can solve...
  9. R

    I just made my first game well tutorial game

    I just finished the GMS2 D&D tutorial I'd like to tweak it a little bit, maybe make the boarder solid and when the spawning happens there needs to be a certain distance from the player, not sure where to go to learn how to do that all, maybe youtube. Please let me know what you think Cheers