1. Antikore

    SOLVED Sending an image through network

    I've been playing around with GMS 1.4 native networking the last days and I'm doing pretty good, but the challenge I'm facing now is so much more complicated than I've expected. My idea is to send an small image (240 x 135) from the server to the client. As I'm doing my tests on my own computer...
  2. G

    Networking problem...

    Hey all again, I'm in the process of working on my RPG (more info soon enough) and I was wondering if somebody could walk me through the steps of implementing an inventory system. Here's how I'm thinking of it and I just want to know how on/off I am with it. So the server processes input and...
  3. K

    Job Offer - Programmer [PAID] Network Engineer (Steam P2P, GMS 2.3)

    Hello GameMaker Community, I am representing Konologic LLC in the search for a network engineer to work on our zombie-survival game Hordeville. We are looking to use Steam P2P to have real-time online multiplayer available, along with a server browser of public sessions. Pay 20USD/hr...
  4. Anixias

    GMS 2.3+ Unions in GML

    Hi, all. (This is for use with networking, but it might be useful for save data) I have created a BitPacker which allows you to read/write at the bit-level instead of the byte-level to/from buffers. The issue of course was reading and writing data types other than unsigned integers. The...
  5. R

    GMS 2 Multiplayer over WAN?

    I am trying to set up multiplayer for a 2d platforming party game. So far it works great over LAN connection, but when I tried to play with my friends across the internet, nobody was able to join the server. When I discovered the problem, I thought that connecting to my public external ip...
  6. Luke Pierson

    Networking Help

    Hey there! I’m working on an online multiplayer rts and have some experience with networking in gml. I have it so there’s a server that clients can connect to, they can enter a match with each other, they can message each other, and even move units around with the other player being able to see...
  7. P

    Online Multiplayer cant connect from a different pc in the same network

    Hello, I am neither a newbie nor a professional with game maker. Yesterday, I just picked it up again and wanted to learn something about networking. I am still using Game Maker 1.4 but this shouldnt be a big probled, or is it? I was following a tutorial on youtube from Heart Beast about online...
  8. M

    SOLVED [Networking] Making a not local multiplayer game

    I have watched 2 tutorial series about networking. One wasn't that good, but the other was really in-depth. So I have a basic understanding about networking. But one thing wasn't mentioned in either of the series. How do you make it truly online? My project works just fine if the server and...
  9. Armyk

    GMS 2 Why is my client side interpolation glitching out? This bug is keeping me up night for too long.

    video: I have recently dabbled into networking and multiplayer and I just can't figure out why is my client side interpolation glitching out. (the video) The client sends keyboard inputs to the authoritative game server, the server receives and processes the inputs fine, then it sends the...
  10. Mookal

    HTML5 (Networking) Trouble Connecting HTML5 Game to Server Program

    I'm working on a game that's meant to run in browsers and on mobile devices. It allows players to connect to a server program that I made in GMS. Pretty much everything works perfectly; I can export builds of the client program for Android and Windows (for testing purposes) that can connect from...
  11. DonMaklesso

    [SOLVED] Sending surface over network

    Hi, I've been trying to send an application_surface in a buffer (I'm using a server-client system) and displaying it in the client's game so that he would "see what the server sees" but this doesn't seem to work. It doesn't crash or anything just nothing happens. Here's the code: // Server -...
  12. S

    GMS 2 Reading from outside buffer

    Hey all, I've run into a weird networking bug. I've got two projects, a client and a server. When I run both on my local computer, or both on an Azure VM, they work fine. However, if I try to run the client on my local machine and the server on a VM, I get the following error as soon as I...
  13. anthonypismarov

    Job Offer - Programmer [PAID] Lead Programmer and Networking Engineer wanted for complex 2D multiplayer game.

    Studio Pismo Looking for: Lead Programmer Networking Engineer Studio Pismo is looking for a new lead programmer to head the development of our first title, Ambition. Concurrently, we are searching for a networking engineer to develop the online portion alongside the programmer. All work is...
  14. brian

    GMS 2 Running a GameMaker server on a Headless machine

    GM Version: Studio 2+ Target Platform: Linux Download: n/a Links: video below Summary: In this tutorial we talk about running a networked server built in GameMaker on headless machines, whether it be on a Raspberry Pi sitting in a drawer or a dedicated Linux server halfway across the world.
  15. G

    GMS 2 Receiving packets properly from a Java server?

    UPDATE: I've determined that either Java is sending multiple messages at a time in one packet or GameMaker is receiving multiple packets but including them in one buffer in the Async Network event. I don't know which and I'm currently not sure how to tell. Each time I write a "message" from my...
  16. Athena's Owl

    GMS 2.3+ Networking / Server Usable to PC and Consoles

    To start off I am very new to networking. I'm trying to do my due diligence when it comes to researching and understanding how Game Maker connects online for multiplayer games and knowing all about buffers, sockets, async_load, tcp versus udp, sending and receiving packets, and all I need to...
  17. neoharry10

    EOS with GMS2

    Hey has anyone tried EOS (epic online services) with GMS2? It is even possible?
  18. SirCaliber

    GML [NETWORKING] Any way I can implement a direct peer-to-peer connection with UDP without port-forwarding?

    I read somewhere that when creating a UDP connection in GameMaker, it automatically temporarily opens up a port on both clients and sends packets through that port. Is this true? If not, any way I can set this up without needing a master server?
  19. cliftonbazaar

    Job Offer - Programmer {FULFILLED} Networking code in GML, PHP & mysqli

    G'day all, I have a program that needs a few advanced features completed and also some code that transfers data between the game and a database - this is to be done with the programming language of PHP and mysqli. If you are interested then please send me links to previous examples of a...
  20. descrubb

    Supporting IPv6 (Specifically for Mobile Networking)

    Hello... I am looking into creating native extensions for iOS and Android for the purpose of mobile peer networking. I understand that IPv6 networks are unreachable, to an extent, from IPv4 networks and since, from what I've seen and heard, much of mobile network space is "IPv6 only" which is...