1. SuperRonanCraft

    Networking - Making a Server List like `Minecraft`

    Hey there, I have gone into the Community Discord, I got some good help on there. But I want to see if I can open it up to some more people to see if I can wrap my head around TCP and UDP networking types. What I am trying to achieve is a server listing page where players, on their own client...
  2. BMatjasic

    GMS 2 Having problems with gameserver sending udp packets to clients

    Hello dear GMC Community, I'm having few issues last days while working on the Gameserver, which I've made working with TCP, but since TCP is not reliable for game servers, I've attempted to rewrite the server to support UDP. So what's the case? I've successfully managed to send the packets to...
  3. O

    Legacy GM Networking - UDP and TCP Server(s)?

    GM:S Only allows creating a server that's either communicates using TCP or UDP and I was curious if it's possible to do both? And if not, would it be practical to create two network servers for a server program that handles both? (I'm basing the above off of this method...
  4. J

    Windows Anyone getting memory leak with network_send_udp?

    I'm posting this in case I'm doing something wrong, but I believe there may be a memory leak associated with network_send_udp. I've made an empty project, and added the following: obj_test Create Event /// Create Server and Write to Buffer server = network_create_server(network_socket_udp...