1. JesterOC

    Job Offer - Programmer Hiring Python/GML Programmer for TCP Network Holepunching

    Hi there, looking to expand my games multiplayer capabilities... getting into holepunching... I was able to get UDP holepunching to work but was too unreliable for what I want... Looking for someone to make Python master server that can holepunch GM clients to GM servers... with TCP... PM me or...
  2. S

    Networking and Password Security

    I'm beginning the developing of an online RPG using C# and GMS2. Since users will store sensitive information on a database I have a few questions I would like to ask the community. Does GML have a built in CSPRNG? - On that note, why is it not recommended to use a regular random number...
  3. FoufaDjo

    GMS 2 how can i clear async ds maps

    i have a server that use both udp and tcp and i saw that if i close and restart the server the async load socket dose not reset can someone tell me how to clear it thnx uwu
  4. FoufaDjo

    need help udp server

    my server send data only to my last active client and idk why here is my code: server creat event: var type = network_socket_udp; var port = 8000; socket = network_create_socket_ext(type,port); remote_port = 0; remote_ip = ""; var type = buffer_grow; var alignment = 1; send_buffer =...
  5. SuperRonanCraft

    Networking - Making a Server List like `Minecraft`

    Hey there, I have gone into the Community Discord, I got some good help on there. But I want to see if I can open it up to some more people to see if I can wrap my head around TCP and UDP networking types. What I am trying to achieve is a server listing page where players, on their own client...
  6. FoufaDjo

    GMS 2 Change Key State By variable value

    so i want to change key state if its pressed or not by variable value something like this and idk if it work pls help me : rkey = keyboard_check(ord("D")); lkey = keyboard_check(ord("Q")); dkey = keyboard_check(ord("S")); ukey = keyboard_check(ord("Z")); playerid.rkey = mover; playerid.lkey =...
  7. FoufaDjo

    GMS 2 HeartBeast networking for more then 2 clients?

    is there a way to add more then one player to the server like a player host server select player then the other can join so like the host send his player creation stats like color and class ect and the server creat the object something like that i saw HeartBeast Networking for Beginners! and...
  8. Duckbob

    Android Networking event Crash, Shutdown - in 2.2.4 update.

    There's no logical problem at all, so it worked perfectly before the 2.2.4 update. It works normally on the PC and some Android phones after the 2.2.4 update. However, a shutdown is inevitable on the home screen if a large(sometimes small) buffer is received after a successful connection is made...
  9. W

    HTML5 Websocket Glitch? network_connect returns 0 with no server

    SOLVED Using the following code... client = network_create_socket(network_socket_ws); server = network_connect(client, "", 64198 ); So basically... network_connect is suppose to return less than zero is no server is running. However, it returns 0 no matter WHAT. Even if there's no...
  10. G

    Legacy GM LAN Platformer Demo - Disconnect button

    Hello I have problem with disconnect button. On map I have object which has step code: if(keyboard_check(ord('O'))){ with(oServer){ network_destroy(server); global.haveserver = false; buffer_delete(player_buffer); buffer_delete(broadcast_buffer)...
  11. Pfap

    Determining which server region to connect to?

    How can I figure out which server region to connect to? I've previously asked this question on stack overflow and while I received useful information most of the suggestions wouldn't easily be applicable to a purely gml solution. Is there a marketplace asset that anybody knows of for location...
  12. Jihl

    GML Network question

    Hey there all! I am getting a console message saying this: Client(1) Connected: ERROR: login failed And I quite don't understand the error since I've read and used the network system as best as I can and I have not found any information about this anywhere. Do anyone know what...
  13. D

    GMS 2 Network drawing from one window to another.

    I have 2 basic projects that only contain objects needed to connect to each other. One project being for the client and the other is the server. The client passes mouse_x and mouse_y location to the server and is then read through an async event. Then finally the mouse coordinates from client...
  14. H

    Android Can't connect with 4G connection.

    Hi, I've trying around with networking system between Android and Windows. The strategy is this : Server.exe is in my computer and constantly running, then player (only Android app, not Windows) can connect to it. The connection with Wi-fi (in Android) worked fine, declaring Server side local...
  15. M

    GMS 2 Online Multiplayer?

    I was looking at Youtube for how to make online multiplayer but I only found the LAN for networking. But I'm not sure there's an online network, There are Local & Bluetooth. Is there really? So How?
  16. N

    GMS 2 Some networking error

    I'm pretty sure this is trivial, since this is the first time I'm implementing networking... Resizing swap chain...Error (0x 2740): Can't bind port Setting SO_REUSEADDR and retrying...Error (0x 271d): Can't bind port even with SO_REUSEADDR I can provide more code if it's needed but I don't...
  17. R

    GMS 2 GameMaker not picking the correct network to broadcast message

    In my game I need to get the local network IP of the computer that is running the game, and for that purpose I have the following code: // Create event randomize(); var random_port = irandom_range(49152,65535); host = network_create_server(network_socket_udp, random_port, 5); if ( host < 0 ) {...
  18. Pfap

    App in background

    I'm trying to find a way to still receive network data if the game loses focus. Or rather to store data on the other client if the player has pushed the game to the background. The game is turn based. if os_type == os_ios || os_type == os_android{ if os_is_paused(){ //let the other...
  19. Ronchon

    Legacy GM Network connection drops when window is minimized

    Hi, I'm having an issue where if the game is minimized, connection become much more unstable for some players, often ending up into an actual disconnection and acting as if some networking events simply stopped being executed ( from logs, an event happening in the step even of an object will...
  20. R

    Legacy GM Networking Lag Spikes

    I am attempting to make my first networking game on GM, but I am having large lag spikes very frequently. In my code the client sends the sever the current_time, server sends back that time, and client compares that to the current_time, giving me my ping. The game is running at 60fps (both...