network connection

  1. Duckbob

    GMS 2.3+ iPhone 5G model, GMS2 network_raw functions doesn't working

    iPhone 5G model, GMS2 network_raw functions doesn't working I tested iPhone Xs, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, IOS 14.4~14.6 If device is 5G model, network functions doesn't working. But if use Wi-Fi, working well. If device is not 5G model, all functions...
  2. P

    Facebook Instant Chess Networking

    Hi to all. I have a big problem regarding networking and hope community can help. We made a chess game and we want to publish it as a Facebook Instant game. We have managed to do a little basic PC to PC, Android to Android, and Android to PC connection. The problem is HTML5 networking. We...
  3. OneIsNeverLate

    GMS 2 Network port forwarding

    Hello! I've been working on a project for two months now, and keep hitting a roadblock when testing with friends. My game uses a tcp connection server with peer-to-peer host and clients. Essentially, I can host on my pc and clients can join my lobby (being that I allowed a forwarded port on my...
  4. Gresse

    GML How to connect two computers with routers in between?

    Hello, I am trying to make a game with an online multiplayer option. I am building the game lnke that: You as a player can set up a server, to which your friends can join. The server handles all the game logic and sends the result (player positions, health, ...) tho the clients. (Like in the...
  5. D

    GMS 2 Losing connection after changing levels

    Like the title says, both players lose connection when I change rooms. Before hand, I'm new to networking and I'm spawning both of them on a setup room to verify if both players are working correctly. However, going to the first level makes the buffers not reach the host and the clients. I've...
  6. Y

    mobile networking

    Hi everyone, i created a .exe to be my a server and i have created a mobile client (android apk). I want to connect the mobile client with the server trough udp, i did it succefully when i connected the mobile to wifi and i used my public ip in the client to deliver the buffers to my server...
  7. D

    Weird Networking Problem

    Hi, I'm working on local multiplayer right now and until a few days ago, I've always been able to host or join a session with my prototype. But now I'm getting the following error: ioctlsocket failed with error: -1 Error (0x 2736): Could not set socket option I've already set my network to...
  8. G

    Legacy GM LAN Platformer Demo - Disconnect button

    Hello I have problem with disconnect button. On map I have object which has step code: if(keyboard_check(ord('O'))){ with(oServer){ network_destroy(server); global.haveserver = false; buffer_delete(player_buffer); buffer_delete(broadcast_buffer)...
  9. Y

    [SOLVED] UDP Ports

    Hi, im creating various .exe servers in windows with the function: SERVER_SOCKET = network_create_socket_ext(network_socket_udp,20000); But as im going to create various servers i need differents port, how can i know which ports are being used, so i dont use the same port for every program?
  10. H

    Android Can't connect with 4G connection.

    Hi, I've trying around with networking system between Android and Windows. The strategy is this : Server.exe is in my computer and constantly running, then player (only Android app, not Windows) can connect to it. The connection with Wi-fi (in Android) worked fine, declaring Server side local...
  11. Ronchon

    Legacy GM Network connection drops when window is minimized

    Hi, I'm having an issue where if the game is minimized, connection become much more unstable for some players, often ending up into an actual disconnection and acting as if some networking events simply stopped being executed ( from logs, an event happening in the step even of an object will...
  12. P

    Game Maker Networking Bug?!?!?!

    This is a weird one, ive been trying to create a network with a server and several clients for a while now and for some reason when i try to connect multiple clients to the same server, the second one can never connect. At one point i did have a project that would allow this and successfully had...
  13. X

    Networking newbie

    Hi guys, I want to do a little project and cannot see where to begin to be honest, here is what I would like to do, ping a pc on a network every five mins and place a sprite on screen if a ping is true and the pc is visible, this is my ideal scenario or create a server program and when a...
  14. R

    GML [SOLVED] Networking - Server send to connected clients

    I'm currently exploring networking and I'm creating a chat program for 2 users as a first project. I have set up everything I need except one thing. I want the server to send to my two clients a text string, the string with the chat history. My server has two variables names socket1 and socket2...
  15. T

    Networking help to understand the whole concept thanks :3

    Hello. Few days ago I started to learn how networking works in game maker studio 2. I think I pretty much understand how buffer works but still need much more information about that can´t find anywhere. I watched a lot of tutorials on YT and forums But I dont understand everything right. As...
  16. RizbIT

    [Script] Check if connected to the internet

    /* Internet Connected Script By RizbIT, UK This script is a rather simple approach to check if your device or PC is connected to the internet. It seems to work on all the devices i tested it on. Android, PC, Windows Phone etc.. It will return true if internet connection...