1. FatalSleep

    Handle padding for received data packets?

    From the GMS2.x docs: async_load[? "buffer"] "buffer": This is the unique "buffer ID" which is generated by the event. A "grow" type buffer, byte aligned to 1, is created to hold the ID should be stored in a variable and used for all further function calls to the buffer in this event. Just like...
  2. MilesThatch

    Distribution Online co-op without networking?

    Good day, everyone. So steam just dropped something interesting and I wanted to talk about the possibilities this could open up. Especially if other distribution platforms follow suit. This could potentially save tons of labor but for now, if this works, this would lock you to steam platform...
  3. C

    P2P Networking

    Hi. I'm trying to figure out how to make P2P connection. I have found no information, most of the documentation and tutorials use a server-client architecture, with different projects for the server and client or having a client to host the server. Thanks in advance.
  4. Ronchon

    Legacy GM Network connection drops when window is minimized

    Hi, I'm having an issue where if the game is minimized, connection become much more unstable for some players, often ending up into an actual disconnection and acting as if some networking events simply stopped being executed ( from logs, an event happening in the step even of an object will...
  5. S

    Game Mechanics P2P Rollback Netcode?

    (If you already know what GGPO and P2P Rollback Netcode are, skip to the last paragraph.) I'm currently in the process of creating a fighting game and have a few questions to see if GMS2 is a good fit for this project. In fighting games, having low latency online is crucial to whether or not a...
  6. JAG

    Design Is online multiplayer a requirement?

    Hi! Im making a 4-player competitive brawler with GMS2, here's a video to give you an idea of what it's like. I have been struggling with this question for about a year now: Is it worth the time and effort required for me to add online play? So far in my investigation I have come to understand...
  7. Drell

    (SOLVED/NA) delta_time Acceleration In A Frame Dependent Game

    I can't seem to find a solid resource that really clarifies how to properly and accurately calculate acceleration values relative to delta time. Due to my game being a competitive 2D fighter using rollback netcode (meaning the game play is frame dependent and hosted on each machine rather than...
  8. Drell

    Windows DLL Implementation

    I am currently implementing a 3rd party DLL in my sudio's game, Evolver, and I'm having some issues understanding how the DLL would work in game maker. The DLL is a netcode that uses an object to manage the game session between end users, and I know that part of the issue is my lack of C based...
  9. I

    Legacy GM Network Socket Numbering Problem

    Hello. I'm trying to better understand the way that GM handles networking, as it's causing me some trouble. While making my game, I've found that there are inconsistencies in which client object is given which socket, based on whether or not the client object is in another instance of the game...
  10. M

    network_connect_raw to node.js server

    Hey guys, I am truly desperate here and would appreciate any help. I've spend the entire day trying to get this work to no avail, and I think i've done a good job of getting things down to the bare essentials. I am trying to connect to a server running on heroku. since its shared hosting, its...
  11. S

    Questions about online multiplayer (netcode)

    I'm new to GameMaker and have some questions: 1) Is online multiplayer something I will need to implement from scratch or there are tools to help me ? 2)How stable is a multiplayer game made with GameMaker? 3)If I needed to pay a third party to code it, how much can it cost? (I know this is a...