1. Joe_La_Bricole

    GMS 2.3+ UDP hole punching, socket properties ?

    Hello, I'm able to set a local peer to peer connection and a communication with a server. My goal now is to make a peer to peer network. Here is the protocol I apply. I have : - a server (socat) listening on UDP port_server. - two identical gamemaker clients The client : - creates a UDP...
  2. MilesThatch

    Windows Can you execute even specific event code from within another event type?

    Basic idea, Can you do something like this - in the Step event with (async_networking_event){ // do networking code that can only be used in the async networking event } The basic idea is that I have a player add function which reads Keyboard and Controller inputs for adding local...
  3. Misty

    Discussion Net neutrality gone, what does this mean for the Internet

    With Trump and his lackey, Aniz, have successfully removed net neutrality, giving corporations absolute and undisputed power over the Internet. What does this mean for you and me? Some predict that the Internet will turn into the Internet of South America, where the internet is divided into...
  4. E

    GML Issues with communicating with Node.js game server

    Nevermind, I'm stupid