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  1. Kyrieru

    Game Mechanics How do you feel about enemies respawning offscreen NES style?

    I'm referring to how in NES games, enemies would often disappear if they went too far offscreen, and they respawn in their starting location if you leave and come back to that spot. I assume this was just a result of how memory was read, but it had some gameplay implications, -Worst case...
  2. Let's Clone

    GML Balloon Fight Clone Tutorial

    GM Version: 2 Target Platform: Windows/Mac OSX/HTML 5 Download: Project/Assets Link: Lets Clone Summary: Welcome to Lets Cone! In this tutorial we tackle a clone of the classic title ' Balloon Fight', with a subtle twist. Instead of implementing a single or cooperative version of the game, I...
  3. M

    Idea Creating NES-era point-and-click games

    Hi gang, I'm a game-making beginner from London who's recently found Game Maker Studio2 and really excited about its possibilities! I want to make a very simple point and click adventure game that looks and feels like a classic NES-era title in the vein of Uninvited or Shadowgate, albeit with...

    Legacy GM connecting a 8bitdo controller (SNES)

    hey yall, just wondering if it was possible to connect my snus 8bitdo controller to my game maker game. I know you could do it for Xbox but I didn't know if it is possible for game maker. it connects to windows and can work with many emulators but if i want to add it in my game, 1 how and 2 is...
  5. N

    Shaders [SOLVED] Help with NES-like shader

    Hi, I'm trying to achieve a "true" limited palette effect like it was on the NES devices. Notice in the example below how even though the screen is fading, only the colors corresponding to a predefined palette are being drawn: I would like to achieve the same effect for my game. I'm using...
  6. B

    Windows Zero Legend - A tribute to the Legend of Zelda

    A pixel-for-pixel remake of the original NES title, The Legend of Zelda. © 1986 Nintendo The complete over world, name registration, and item selection is complete. Just need to add the dungeons and enemies. I will be adding a 3rd quest as well. OneDrive link...
  7. B

    Demo The Grand Battle Tower [8-bit Inspired]

    Inspired, because the game doesn't rigidly adhere to the NES's color limitations. So this is my first-ever project! I've never touched GameMaker prior to the creation of this game, and I taught myself to animate and code as I progressed towards completing this demo. As such, I'm eager to hear...
  8. DirectShift

    Windows Rabbit's Quest [Metroidvania Shoot Em Up] (FREE during Summer Sale)

    Rabbit's Quest is a metroidvania with a retro aesthetic. Your team was exploring the galaxy looking for alternate source of energies, until the radar detected something on a unknown planet. However, things go wrong and now you are many thousands feet under the ground in a hostile planet full...
  9. newtinn

    Windows Froghosts | Trailer + Release | Old Style Shooter

    Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/xrxwXn7 Welcome to the Froghosts page! Froghosts is a old style shooter where you are set as a frog like character trying to escape a house you got stuck in. To get out of the house you need to destroy spawners making enemies and defeat bosses to get out...
  10. S


    --TROPIA-- Follow four heroes, a wizard, paladin, brawler, and ranger, on their adventure. It's 5+ hours of solid turn based monster slaying, macguffin collecting, and princess saving fun. This is an old school NES style RPG. It's called Tropia for a reason. We're not trying to make anything...
  11. Rafael Pinto

    Team Request -

  12. S

    Free Death Brigade [Top down shooter]

    (UPDATE: the game is in its final state at this point with a beginning and an end. I won't be adding any future updates to it other than small bug fixes and balance tweaks. Hope you decide to check it out as feedback is still appreciated :) ) Hey, so I'm making a top down shooter somewhat...
  13. F

    Tutorial: Making older gamepads work in GameMaker

    Hey guys, I recently got an NES-style gamepad for a work-related project. It doesn't work on the new gamepad functions, but the old joystick commands will make it behave. I wanted to share for future reference. Those joystick inputs seem a little more limited, but are working! Here's the...
  14. K12gamer

    Opinion What do you think of NINTENDO's new Mini Console?

    It's a remake of the old NES. It comes with 30 classic games, one controller and will only cost $59. Only $10 for additional controllers.
  15. N

    Alpha IKHōR

    IKHōR is still here. What is IKHōR? IKHōR promises to deliver a nostalgic experience, fitting the mold of the retro fantasy genre we've all come to love, with the twist of being controlled exclusively by your mouse. Effectively a point and click/action adventure hybrid, this game will tickle...
  16. Yal

    Free Bushido Panda

    Take Up Your Blade! The Kingdom of Japanda is in great danger! The pig army from the Land Of Darkness has seized control over the five elemental crystals, plunging the world into chaos! Take up your katana and fight back in this grand 8-bit adventure! Will you be able to save Japanda from ruin...
  17. Shadowblitz16

    Legacy GM [solved] math behind nes tile_grids?

    hey it me again I was just wondering the math behind the nes tilegrid I know that it uses 8x8 tiles and can put them together to make bigger sprites however I was wondering how they spaced their grids out I have looked it up and it seems they have split their 1d tile grid up something like so...
  18. F

    Beta CJ's Maze Escape Beta Thread (Closed)

    THE GAME HAS BEEN RELEASED AND THIS THREAD WILL NO LONGER BE ACTIVE. CLICK HERE FOR THE RELEASE THREAD Since the previous forums been archived and is read only and to celebrate the recent opening of the new one, I'm going to make a new thread here along with what's been happening since the...