1. Tyg

    Shaders Neon Dreamz (path shader)

    UPDATED v1.12 Hello this is really cool A shader that uses paths, i don't know i just thought it would work and voila (the poor paths always get ignored) well this is another use for them why is this cool, Umm first its Neon and its made to work with gamemaker paths, so you can draw and edit...
  2. Reventador

    Windows AI Museum installation

    Gamemaker taught me to program. I started around 2016 making indie games, Drift 84 actually, which is on the 'made using gamemaker' page on the yoyo website. I quit my job and started making art full time about a year and a half ago. Literally making projections using gamemaker. I build all my...
  3. FoufaDjo

    GMS 2 how can i put a glowing outline for sprites

    i have a explosion sprite that i want to have on it a glowing outline for that it can be seen clearly on dark places can u show me some ways to how to do that pls :)
  4. Nocturne

    Free Mesh - iOS, Android and PC

    This is one the games I think I'm most proud of... It has a very simple gameplay loop, but is dynamic, fun to play and has really nice graphics and sound (the music is by Kubbi and rocks!). However I let it slide with the updates and the game has been removed from the various stores that I had...
  5. John Andrews

    Android Neon Wars Mobile v8.8 [Arcade endless shooter]

    Neon Wars by John Andrews A game about wiping out a bunch of neon-colored enemies, vehicles, and bosses! Download the APK! <- Click There! Gameplay: Defeat as many enemies as possible and level up to unlock weapons & gadgets, with the neon gathered from defeated enemies you can buy stuff...
  6. Gamer-15

    iOS BALL - Arcade Game (iOS & Android)

    BALL App Store: Google Play: Prepare for the most amazing ball adventure ever! Tap to change the balls direction and make your way through an amazing glowing world...
  7. Nocturne

    Windows Mesh

    DOWNLOAD (Pay what you want - recommended $0.99) Mesh is a frenzied neon arcade game where quick reflexes are needed to score points and combos as you try to beat your previous high scores! This casual game is simple to pick up and play, but has deeper...