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  1. I

    how to make a Agar By GMS2

    well, I try a lot of methods But the effect is poor。。。 The biggest problem is the impact of multiple balls I use the motion_add() , but there's going to be a crazy bounce between the balls Even though I've adjusted the details In the official game, the ball to ball is handled smoothly...
  2. R

    Windows Need help

    I would like to know how to make an object be destroyed after a time like 5 seconds
  3. G

    How to go to More Than one Room From one Room

    I'm having issues getting into more than one room starting in one room. i have 4 doors i need to all go into different rooms how would I do this? Thanks for any answers.
  4. T

    I'm making a platformer, and I'd like the player to be able to attack

    Okay, so I've never programmed before, and I've been trying to make a very simple and short game so I can learn, and see if I should keep learning. It's a platformer, and so far I've been able to allow the player to move. I've been following Shaun Splading's Complete Platformer tutorial, so I...
  5. F

    Windows After the dialogue with the character, the NPC needs to move

    After the dialogue with the character, the NPC needs to move in a given direction to another room. I don’t understand how to implement it. Help
  6. T

    Game Maker isn't working properly...

    I bought Game Maker for $39, but most of the options (aka the options that I need to do everything) are gray and can't be selected: Anyone know how to fix this? Am I still using the free version?
  7. F

    How can I make a physics-based drawing game?

    In my physics-based-game you should be able to draw a line or any figure you want (per touchscreen or mouse) to block falling boxes. It`s also very important that some sections of the drawn line can be deleted by special projectiles. But i can`t get it to work :( - I have tried to use...
  8. Logan Bevans

    Error When trying to remove remove an item from a grid

    The Error Code is ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Draw Event for object obj_smelteryGUI: draw_sprite argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a...
  9. R

    I need help with my movement script

    So I've been working for hours now trying to set up a perfect movement script. I have everything working but when I go to a corner while holding two keys EX: Down and Right, it will move normally but once I come into contact with the collisions on the ground it will walk just right (which is...
  10. Edwin

    GML How to check array values?

    // Create Event array[0] = 0; array[1] = 0; array[2] = 0; // Step Event if (keyboard_check_pressed(vk_right)) { array[random(array_length_1d(array))] += 1; } So basically I want to check if any of the array's value is greater that 0, then keep it adding 1 to the array. Please help!
  11. G

    Windows Game Not Loading

    Hey all, i've been having issues with a project. it's not loading. when doing a normal compile, no screen turns up, and when compiling through the debugger all there is is a White screen. recently it had a compile time upwards of 5 Minutes, but it was reduced to around 5 Seconds after i Compiled...
  12. TorradaIsToast

    Windows My GameMaker Studio 2 doesn't Open

    My Gamemaker Studio Doesn't open I Can't find a solution and I need some help The ui.Log Says This and I Can't find how to solve this [16:38:35:792(1176)] ************************************** 06/22/2018 ************************************** [16:38:35:798(1176)] Log.Initialise...
  13. TorradaIsToast

    Windows My GameMaker Studio 2 doesn't Open

    My GameMaker Studio Doesn't Open It Says It's Loading,But Doesn't Even Open Here's The UI.Log [15:29:58:398(2a80)] ************************************** 06/15/2018 ************************************** [15:29:58:402(2a80)] Log.Initialise [15:29:58:405(2a80)] OpenGLCheck : Original Version...
  14. K

    GML Need help with Coding interactable objects

    So I am kinda new to GML and the Logic of how the Code Works. So after I got movement down, I feel the need to try and get this to work. So what I am trying to get it where when you press a button, then it make the area of 1 (when facing this direction) to set a number from 0 to 1, and that if...
  15. B

    Mac OSX [Help] Mono closing & importing studio 1 game to studio 2

    Hello my name is Ben. In a course at my school I created a simple game in GameMaker Studio 1. Issue: Although, when I downloaded GameMaker Studio 2 and attempted to import my game I ran into a major issue with "Mono." When I try to run my game "Mono" likes to quit interrupting the run time and...
  16. K

    GML Need Help with editing Walking Sprite animation with Code

    I am trying to make a walking animation where my character uses 4 different sprites per direction, but when I try to edit Image Speed it only applies to one sprite! I need help, as soon as my character is moving it should play the animation and when it stops moving show the first frame facing...
  17. B

    Help with high scores

  18. Hyrix

    Attacking player sprite flips out gravity (Please Help)

    I'm making my platformer and when I jump and then hit "Z" the player attacks but start levitating upwards until the attack animation is done then gravity turns back to normal and player falls normally (if he hasn't already reached the ground. I can also hit "Z" to make him attack and then hit...
  19. S


    Hello. I have created an RPG from a tutorial I watched from HeartBeast. This is for a class and I need help working on a current issue. I can't seem to find why no damage is being dealt with the enemies. I can take damage, but it won't let me deal any. I had this game working fine (the character...
  20. A

    GML Sprite animation not working, new to GML and help would be appreciated.[SOLVED]

    So yeah, title basically says it all, I've set a key to trigger an attack animation, but it won't work, I have an idle animation, running anim, jumping etc. I'm thinking the idle and running animations are screwing up, and if they do, any way to make a line of code to stop the anim whilst...