1. Champol

    Demo Dreamnesthesia - Chapter I

    Hi everyone! I'm pleased to share with you the First Chapter of Dreamnesthesia, a game I have been working on with a group of friends during the last years on our spare time. Dreamnesthesia is a tactical RPG game with a strong narrative that unfolds on the realm of dreams and nightmares. You...
  2. Pollux568

    Free [French] Grève: En Macronie

    Hi fellow devs, During holidays I made a videogame about recent events in France - for those who are not aware of it, there is an important strike against a new governement law modifying retirement pensions. So I developed a game based on Reigns: Her Majesty principle, named Greve : En...
  3. Phil Bod

    Beta PhilGood - BETA free : more than 2 hours of reflection and action now

    You are a prisoner of a “line”, as if you were part of it ! … Right next door, it’s death. But why did this happen … ? And how to get out of it unscathed and reach the end of this “line” much more alive and dangerous than it seems. Download BETA...
  4. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Curse of the eastern god

    Curse of the Eastern God was made in 48 hours as an entry for Ludum Dare 43 (accessible here: It is a game where everyone is affected by a CURSE. A CURSE which forces your screen to either remain in place or move to the right (and...
  5. C

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Dialog Prints Same Message When Progressing Through It

    EDIT: This has been solved thanks to ParodyKnaveBob. Basically, I had no idea that restating my global.msg variable did not automatically change the message (AND message length) until I reassigned the related variables. I hope this helps anyone else who has the same issue with their own dialog...
  6. Mr Magnus

    Free The Bedroom Door (Gmc Jam #14 (the Apr. 2014 one))

    The Bedroom Door Download from GameJolt at no cost! original GMC description: "Dear love. I never thought I could get so lonely. But ever since you left, I've been so cold. So alone. This house is so void, so cold. I feel like all color has left the walls, like I live in a drawn world. And...