1. S

    custom name problem

    im having a lot of enemies all called obj_zombie_1, obj_zombie_2 etc. im trying to create a line of codes now to make my life easier and only having to change the number for a different enemy. right now i have lines like: number = choose(1, 2) if number = 1 { image_index = spr_zombie_1 } if...
  2. J

    Input and print players name

    Okay, so i'm still learning gml and I use DnD for most of my coding, and gml where it is needed. I need some help finding out how to make my game start with asking the players to input their names: "Please input player 1's name" "Please input player 2's name" Then as the game moves on I...
  3. DarklinkFighter

    GML [SOLVED] Need Component Object naming advice

    Hi, I am currently trying to create a RPG Core Framework. My goal is to make the Framework as configurable as possible and that works out very well so far... ( I am heavily inspired by the RPG Maker^^ ) Today I started to refactor the Statemachine Components to decouple it's Logic even more...
  4. Pfap

    Unique identifier or unique name?

    I'm trying to decide between forcing the player to pick a unique name that can't be changed or generating some other unique ID and assigning it to an install. I'm building passwordless and would like some way to recover the users progress. I've seen apps and games that do similar stuff to what I...
  5. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Refering to an object depending on the number on the end of the name of the object? (SOLVED)

    I'm making a script function that will create an object (at coordinates 0, 0) called "obj_event_0", but I also have "obj_event_1" and "obj_event_2" and so on. I want to be able to input only a number in my function's argument whenever I use it; a number corresponding to the number at the end of...
  6. Anomaly

    Question - IDE Advanced Tabs Options in the Works?

    Hi I use a pop out window with numerous top-tabs and multiple columns for sub-tabs to organize scripts that stem off each other.. ie: timelines and moments.. top level cases and sub-cases etc.. i have so many in my layout that it's difficult to identify from a quick look, which ones are...
  7. C

    Idea I need a better name for this game

    I'm working on a game right now under the working title of "Hack the World." I'm calling it that because that's literally what you do. You work with the protagonist, Gelea, to fix glitches and ultimately save her Gameworld from being destroyed by a virus. Some quick notes, here: Unlike most...
  8. Misu

    Forum Game TAMU

    This is simple. You define the acronym of the first four letters/digits of the username from the member above you. For example: TAMU Tickle Agent of Many Universes If there are less than four letters in the username, then use the amount of letters it haves. Lets play!