1. 2

    Is It Bug/Error: 2 Vars Same Name One Script Scope, Other Object Scope?

    If you use var to designate a variable is only being used in that script, but someone adds a variable with the same name to the same object (or a child object) that's visible to the rest of the object will there be any bugs? eg. possibly the script wrongly using the variable that's visible...
  2. J

    How to have multiple text input boxes

    So I need up to 6 players to enter their name. That's it! I know how to make 1 textbox, but not how to make multiple boxes that you need to select before typing a name in it. Any help would be appreciated! :) The code I currently have for 1 working textbox comes from this page...
  3. MaxLos

    Discussion Origin of your username?

    Basically the title; I wanna hear how or why you picked the username your currently using :) Now I know that the topic creator should usually be the one to start things off but... I actually don't wanna talk about mine >_>
  4. RizbIT

    Whats In Your Name?

    So whats in a name? Is it really that important? If Martin Luther King had a different name would he still have achieved what he did? if Facebook was called FriendsBook or FaceMates would it still be as popular and would you still use it? If Twitter was called ChirpFeeds would it still be as...
  5. M

    GMS 2 A variable that "Holds" another variables name

    Hello all :), I have been making some headway on my game and have been somewhat trying to polish/ fix up my code to be easily expanded on so that I can start adding "Content". My question, does something like this exist? variable_get_name() or maybe, reference_variable() I am simply trying...
  6. G

    GMS 2 (Solved+) How can I refer to a variable/array/etc using an asset name?

    I'm creating an array of variables to track progress for each area in my game like so: area_001_state=[0,0,0] area_002_state=[0,1,0] area_003_state=[1,0,1] ... The first array position for each area could indicate whether the lights are on to start with, for example. Then when I want to...
  7. K

    Script that automatically prints the name of a variable

    Good day, how can I create a script that automatically prints the name of a variable and its respective value in the debug. I should just enter the variable in the script. sorry for the english i.e: if vsp = 4 scr_message (vsp); result; vsp = 4
  8. 2

    GMS 2 Output Tilemap/Tile Layer Name String In Game

    How do you retrieve the name string you give tilemaps/tile layers in the room editor, and display it on the screen in game. I know we can reference them as strings and GMS 2 knows what we mean, but how do we get the program to output that name string without knowing what the tilemap/tile layer...
  9. FacesOfMu

    GMS 2 Get the script name within the script?

    I see there's script_get_name(scr), but that requires the input of the script index. Is there anyway to get the name of the script the code is in without knowing the index? For example, objects have the "self" and "id" keywords to reference themselves. I'm looking for a programmatic way to...
  10. giraffeman210

    Publisher Name

    When I make a publisher account am I able to change the name later or am I stuck with whatever I choose now? Thanks!
  11. J

    GML How to make text input and output?

    I want to make a short system for when a player is talking to an npc, that the npc will say the players' name and gender. How do I make a box that the player can type in, and how do I program that into a speech box?
  12. S

     Give your Game Name/title Ideas.

    I am trying to figure out what to name my games so I want your Idea on what title to give them. Propose as many names for each game as you like. The games are: An N64 style 3D platformer involving an animal character (Also name what animal I should use) A dino killing sci-fi Fps (I prefer to...
  13. Cloaked Games

     Name Code Tabs

    Just a quick suggestion because I noticed it again and it's sort of annoying. It would be nice if there was a little more detail in the event tabs in the code. (The ones that show up at top). Either the object owner of the event, or the description of the event as defined by @description. When...
  14. E

    Access to instance Id name

    hi everybody I'm trying to make a dynamic object by object id name that you can change in room editor ... my instances have different behavior by name that I set in room editor by myself. ... so how can I access to string name like "inst_2D986839"...? I have to read it as a string
  15. L

    GML Instance room editor id aka name

    Hey, is there any way how to get that instance name from the room editor? "inst_something" by default. I'm trying to edit some things in game - for visual aid, save them to a file and load back once game is restarted. Now I can't store instance's id as this may vary between game runs so the...
  16. M

    Android Need Help with player name - Google Play

    Hello, I am looking for a way to use the DisplayName from GooglePlay (the users Google Play account name.) as the player's name in a global variable in GMS 1.4. IE : Global.PlayerName = (Google Play DisplayName) The information in the help file does not work I tried using...
  17. MMM

    Asset - Demo Name Entering - GMS1 and GMS2 example

    Check out name entering - GMS1 and GMS2 example :) - Two ways of name entering with keyboard - Enter a name via Game Maker message system - Enter a name via mouse
  18. G

    Idea What to name my game?

    Hey! I was thinking about what to name my game. So far I have: Swiping Fun Swiping Madness Swipe Fight Ninja Swipe I myself like 'Swipe Fight' the best. If you have any other suggestions or just want to tell me the best one then say! GIF:
  19. jb skaggs

    GMS 2 simple question: how to string for filename

    Again I have forgotten how to do something very simple. I need to be able to get the string that is returned by get_open_filename(filter, fname); I tried using var myfilename=""; var file; file=get_open_filename("*.sav", ""); myfilename=filename_name(file); But this does not give me a...
  20. W

    Legacy GM HELP NEEDED! Random Character Name For Each Created Instance

    I am Building an RTS Type game and was hoping someone could help, I want it so that every time an instance of obj_fighter is created, that fighter has a unique name that will be displayed when clicked on or above their head. I can imagine this is quite simple but cant figure it out. eventually...