1. Seabass (The Human)

    Released Duke of Defense [Unique Tower Defense]

    Store Page Discover a world brimming with humor, interesting characters, and adventure. Interact with overly observant villagers and egotistical wizards. You'll find yourself in a role more significant than a knight could ever dream of! Any true hero can call upon trusty companions in...
  2. VagrantWhaleGames

    Portfolio - Audio General Programmer // Producer // Audio Engineer

    Hey friends! Are you an indie dev with no budget? Need some help making your dream game? I've been using GMS for a few years now and I'd like to help you with your game. I can make most retro style concepts and basic game play mechanics. I can do simple AI, asset or API implementation and help...
  3. Andy Chu

    Job Offer - Audio [Paid] Looking for Music Composer & Sound Effects Designer

    Greetings! As the title mentioned above looking for a composer. The game is a 2D-pixelated, hack & slash, platformer, adventure, RPG game. Music Composers: Current level being designed is a ruined snowy castle in the high mountains. Setting is the aftermath of humanity's downfall. Require a...
  4. Z

    Portfolio - Audio Composer (Cat Quest, Unworthy and others) looking for projects

    Hi, I'm Brian. I make music and sounds for indie games. I have worked on a couple well received titles on Steam & Switch (Cat Quest & Unworthy). I can do custom work and also have a bit of a music library to draw from as well if need be. I can make music in virtually any style and have a lot of...
  5. RobotoSkunk

    GMS 2 Get the volume of a music like a music bar

    (Traslated by google) I am trying to create a game where there are music bars that obviously follow the current volume of the music that is being listened to in the background. I tried to look everywhere for some way to get how loud the music is and I can not find anything. Can somebody help me...
  6. Ches Rowe

    Portfolio - Audio I want to compose music for your game for free.

    My name is Ches Rowe, and I have been composing video game music for about 6 years as a hobby. I mostly compose orchestral and rock/metal music; but I am capable of composing electronic based music as well. I am currently looking to expand my portfolio and practice working collaboratively with...
  7. A

    Portfolio - Audio Alexei Galar - Experienced composer and sound designer

    Need music and SFX for your next crazy idea? My name is Alexei. I'm a composer and sound designer for media. I am expert in adding the final touch of life to your projects via music and audio. I have composed for many genres of games and film, using a varied range of instruments, both acoustic...
  8. maranpis

    Portfolio - Audio I will make one song for your prototype

    Hello Ricardo here: I want to make a portfolio of songs for real games that are in development right now. If you are interested in how your game sounds with music I can help you. This will helps to improve your game vision and can be inspiring,motivational and give you more ideas. So this is...
  9. M

    Asset - Audio BPM - Music Synchronization Asset for GMS2

    Hello again! I wanted to share with you guys an asset I've uploaded today to the marketplace and I call this BPM - Music Synchronization Machine, or just BPM - Music Sync. This asset let you input a bpm, a time signature and it will do the rest. It's programmed in a way so that it...
  10. M

    Question - Code Looping music somewhere other than start

    Is there a way in Game Maker to loop music somewhere other than back to the beginning of the song - to some arbitrary sample number earlier in the song? I can do this if I encode the music as raw PCM then use manual audio buffer manipulation, but that's complicated, and rather large. Because...
  11. jana

    Portfolio - Audio Music you can customize to your needs

    I have MIDI files you can customize in a workstation to fit your needs. You can take these files and add beats, edit the notes, assign the instruments, etc. Here are some examples of what you can do. All I did with these is assign instruments and add beats (no other editing): Cobblestone...
  12. M

    Portfolio - Audio [LFW PAID] Composer / Sound Designer

    Hey everyone! I'm a musician with over 3 years of experience in working with digital audio and sound design. I'm well familiar with synthesizers and I have plenty of virtual instruments to make vast varieties of different music! My tracks...
  13. ProjectGamesInc

    Opinion WIP Soundtracks - Hints and Opinions

    Hi guys! Since we are starting to have the first soundtracks done for our new game, i want to post them here so i can get some opinions. All the tracks are 100% made by us, we use FruityLoop12 and a set of VSTi, everything is done inside the program, using a small keyboard as main tool for...
  14. P

    Portfolio - Audio Are you looking for music composition for your project?

    Kia ora all, I would like to offer my services as a musical composer for your next project! It's been a long time since I've been on the GMC forum and oh my me it's all changed! What I'm looking for? I am not looking for any one thing in particular, I am happy to help with anything from...
  15. D

    Asset - Audio Free Music

    Hey guys, I'm making my two loopable song packs free for the next couple of weeks, so feel free to go ahead and download them and give me a review! Here's the link for Loopable Track Pack 1: Here's the link for Loopable Track...
  16. ArudanIsMe

    Design Adding a Minigame in a game?

    I know its somewhat possible to add like say, you make main player go to an arcade and they play an arcade game.(pretty much adding a minigame in an rpg) Can someone tell me how Im supposed to do that? it would be one of those minigame where music plays and you try to match up to one of the...
  17. 0

    About music loops

    So I have kind of a soundtrack for my game. There are 7 songs and they play after each other. When the last song finishes, I want it to play the first one again and go on so it plays the list in a loop. Also I am using DnD. Thanks.
  18. A

    Portfolio - Audio Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Implementer

    Hello, I'm Alexander Harder I'm a composer, sound designer, and audio implementer. I have experience working in with the audio systems in GameMaker Studio, Fmod, and Wwise. I have worked on the mobile game Hyper Thunder Run 198X (an action infinite runner where I composed 1980's metal) and the...
  19. RizbIT

    Android [Free][Music] BeatDrops Beat Maker App

    Available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Windows. BeatDrops is a free music creation app with hundreds of samples where you can create fun new original beats, loops, ringtones and songs by dragging samples onto a sequencer. Features: Save and Share your beats / projects to the world...
  20. E

    Windows Audio Player Game Maker

    Hi , i want to make an Music Player with Game Maker , and i want to know how i can do to read the music and album pictures , to play it. i don´t know how to start. sorry for my english , im from argentina.