1. D

    (SOLVED) How to set up background music that switches in different rooms?

    I'm doing a project and I have a set music for the first 9 rooms of my game and I want the music to change to a different song when I enter room 10. Any ideas how to set it up?
  2. G

    Portfolio - Audio ♫ Full-time freelance game composer available - modern and retro styles - free demos for indies! ♫

    Hello! I'm Geoff Moore, a UK-based game composer who creates music for developers all over the world. I work on a contract basis, meaning you can hire me for a single track, a whole game, a kickstarter demo... whatever you need! I have 5 years of game music industry experience and a BA in Music...
  3. V

    Portfolio - Audio Do you need Music for your Games?

    Hi,I'm able to compose music for your games, I have a few songs that maybe can give you a good idea of my work. This is the link with the songs: I would be happy to help, if you want a song or need a composer, just send...
  4. S

    Portfolio - Audio Super Composer looking to do your soundtrack chiptune style Cheap!

    Hi, i'm a very good composer. Like if you need the BEST Chiptune Music for your game you can't find anyone working for $10 a track fast turnaround (2 days), with the Superior Quality of Music that I can provide. Check out my Creative Commons Albums over 60 Fat Tracks...
  5. OneDayDreamer

    Portfolio - General Animator, musician, and artist all-in-one! Anime, alternative, and intensely aspiring.

    Hello, everyone. I am an aspiring animator, artist, musician, and voice actor with a passion for storytelling, art, visual and audio engagement, and much more. Recently I have been driven to create what I believe are some truly powerful creative compositions. But alas, I struggle to network...
  6. CKlidify

    GMS 2 Help with waveform data reading wrong information

    Here's a video explaining the problem I am having: Here's the article I found the tutorial I followed on:,85320.0 If anyone could help me figure out what data it's grabbing and how i could grab the correct data that would...
  7. Shawn Basnett

    Forum Game Musical Links

    We need more games! The point of this game is very simple. I will post a link to a song, and the next person will post a link to another song that is somehow related to the one I posted. Then the third person will post a link related to that one Etc. Youtube and Soundcloud links are...
  8. R


    I can't get any sound to play!!!!! I have two sounds/ soundtracks I want to use. One for my main menu's, I want this (snd_Theme) to start with the game and work in rm_MainMenu as well as rm_Instructions. But then when level 1 starts I want snd_InGame to start and run throughout three levels, not...
  9. Peyton Burnham

    Portfolio - Audio Composer for hire (bunch of styles including retro!)

    Hi! My name is Peyton, I'm a composer/musician or whatever! Here are a few demo tracks from a game I'm working on: A character theme: Another character theme: An area theme...
  10. fetito666

    Discussion Creating music for your game

    Hello! What program do you use to create music for your game? So far I have zero experience in making music and probably I'll give that task to another person. However, I'd like to experiment. What programs do you use?
  11. Wuzzems

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Music, Out of Sync

    So far I have not implemented full screen and thus everything is playing in a window. When you drag the window of the game around or if you right click at the top of the window then the game stops, but the music keeps on going which in my case it is necessary for the music to stop as well...
  12. M

    Portfolio - Audio Indie Composer – Electronic/Ambient/Synth

    Hello I am Matt, an independent composer from Berkshire, UK. I am available to work on Original Soundtracks for projects. Orbit5 is my first solo electronic release, which is available for stream/purchase on BandCamp Contact...
  13. B

    Free music - uploading to Asset store soon!

    Hey guys, I've just released a new music library for FREE! Working on getting it up on this asset store soon along with a bunch of other high quality soundtracks. Enjoy the free one while it's available. The only requirement is to credit the composer! Thanks! Get it here...
  14. S

    Android Help with Audio

    I am programmer, but I can do a little pixel art. What I still haven't figured out is audio. I just made a game where the player has to dodge arrows falling from the sky. What kind of audio should I have? Should I have music and if so what kind and where do I get it. This is a really simple...
  15. Samuel Venable

    Asset - Audio Horror Music

    The leave-a-review sale ends March 12. Get it while you can! :D - 4 horror soundtracks - 18 minutes of audio - ambient and creepy
  16. I

    Error when using audio_play_sound

    When I start my game, I have an error on my music object: ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event0 for object obj_music1: Variable...
  17. I

    Team Request Composer & Sound Designer - Want to build a portfolio [FREE]

    Hello all! I'm new here to Game Maker and am currently learning to make my own game. In the meantime, I'd like to collaborate with you guys to learn and build my portfolio at the same time. I'm versatile in my work, so I'll always do my best to help your game represent your vision. If you're...
  18. I

    Use Itunes song as Background Music GM1.4

    Hi, I planned on using an Itunes song as a background music for my game, I know the code, I am just not sure how to get the Itunes song into GameMaker Studio 1.4, I sense that I have to turn the Itunes song into an MP3 file first, but when I try doing that in Itunes it displays a notification...
  19. johnwo

    What are you working on?

    So, what are you working on at the moment? Post a screenshot and show us! I'm working on a game that uses a GML-implementation of spriter that I wrote. I have a bunch of scripts that load the scon (spriter JSON), parses it, loads the sprites on-the-fly, loads animations, ect. Spriter...
  20. K

    A few questions about audio

    Hello, I am currently working on a game and I have a few different music selections to be played throughout the game. I just have a few questions about certain audio effects/aspects. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance. 1. How can you make music fade in/out or face into another...