1. otterZ

    GMS 2.3+ Is it possible for players to create their own music playlist in a game using their own music?

    I have a game (Windows / Steam game) where I have a music playlist in game, which shuffles and plays about 154 songs in random sequence. Players are happy with this but some players have requested a way to make their own playlist and play their own music that they have on their own computer. My...
  2. Acid Reflvx

    SOLVED [Fixed] How do I find the precise number for when I set my track's position in GameMaker 1.4?

    I am making a game with a level editor, sort of like Geometry Dash. I've been trying to add a Geometry Dash feature to the game; being able to play music at certain points instead of having to play music and wait until it gets to the part you want to test. Here is my problem: I don't know what...

    Portfolio - Audio [FOR HIRE] Electronic Musician for Videogame OST

    Hi everybody! My name is Andrea and I make electronic music. I can provide you custom-taylored tracks for your videogame. In the years I focused on producing electronic music but I may be able to help with other genres too! Keywords for my music: atmosphere - energy - melody - melancholy Here...
  4. Q

    Portfolio - Audio Composer Team X-Score

    Hello! I am Konstantin and together with Jan we created the composing duo X-Score. We have a lot of experience with composing different types of music for all kinds of Media. Looking forward to participating in any serious projects. Have a listen to some of our works on: Cheers
  5. Two Tail Fox

    Portfolio - Audio Sharing our professional audio assets - All Free, just for You!

    Hey fellow game comrades! We're Al & Glenn, two professional composers and hobbyist gamemakers who want to inspire and bring value to this community that we're absolutely nuts about. Over the last few weeks, we put together a Music Pack of 140 original tracks and SFX assets designed...
  6. Japster

    Latest Humble Assets bundle available - this time it's loops and soundtracks...

    I've just bought it at the £20 tier - it's definitely NOT one of their strongest bundles, and mostly by the same artist, but still seems great value even if you just find a few tracks for your game in there!... Nearly 9GB, and 700+ audio files - loops and tracks (including variations, mind) for...
  7. honeybone82

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer,Animator,Musician,Experienced looking for project

    HI! My name is Howard Robinson IV. I have made an entire game from top to bottom, formed a company, then put it up for sale on steam. It wasn't very successful, mind you, but I became well acquitted with the entire experience. X Archetype Steam Page BONEYARD GAMES LLC I would be happy to...
  8. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 BGM Gets Lowered Even at Highest Priority

    I have my game's BGM set to the highest priority over all other sounds. audio_play_sound(BGM_to_play, 1, true). But when other sounds start playing, like enemy bullet sounds, which are audio_play_sound(a_enemy_laser, 10, false) the BGM seems to get drowned out and lowered by all the other sounds...
  9. giraffeman210

    Just Some Original Music

    I have been practicing making different music themes and this is what I came up with. They are not for any particular game I am working on, I was just having fun coming up with different themes. I would love any feedback and it is especially helpful if you let me know which song(s) are your...
  10. OliverLugria

    Job Offer - Audio [Closed] Hiring Composers for Rythmic Combat

    Hello! My team's upcoming game "Pulse" is centered around fighting to the beat of the battle music. Without amazing tracks to fight to the combat will quickly become stale and uninteresting. I am currently interested in commissioning 3 tracks for the game's demo with future collaboration...
  11. 2

    GMS 2 Choosing what Audio Group External Audio Is Part Of

    When loading external audio how do you decide what audio group it is part of? Music needs to be in a separate audio group for me to adjust the volume separately.
  12. Qing Donnie Yoshi

    Sound alternation

    Does anyone know how to Alternate sounds/audios, like say for instance footsteps with 2 different audios (left foot audio play and then right foot audio play and etc.) Is there a specific variable I can use for that, just like how choose is a built in variable?
  13. Japster

    MASSIVE Music and SFX pack bundle currently on the Humble Bundle site!

    I'm forever struggling for SFX and music I can (safely!) use in my games, and I've just grabbed this pack - I went for the whole deal, because, well, why not... :D There's some so-so content in there, but also some absolute gems! - all available for the buyer to put in ANY amount of their...
  14. Byter

    Opinion What do you think about my music 2019?

    Hello GM Community, I have been making music for around two years now and I am aiming to make (preferably good) videogame music. Those three pieces are (in my estimation) the best ones I've made recently. I would be happy about some Feedback and critique. If they'd fit in a videogame, in which...
  15. LCN

    Steam DEEP SPACE ANOMALY + FREE DLC [ Shoot 'Em Up with amazing sound ]

    Hello, dear GameMaker Community members.;) First a few words off-topic: My work was never connected with the development of games, but I always wanted to try my hand at this difficult matter, which has now become my favorite hobby. I participated in the development of a few games in GameMaker...
  16. ArudanIsMe

    GMS 2 Adding different music for different rooms

    So I know how to add BG music for one level on repeat. But I have 0 clue on how to change the song when my character goes to a new room. Can anyone lend me a hand?
  17. jana

    Portfolio - Audio Music - Epic, Piano, Ambient, Other Types

    My name is Jana Cole, from the San Francisco Bay Area. If you're looking for an epic theme, piano theme, ambient, or other type of music, I can create a track that's perfect for your project. I've been composing music for years, and I compose in different styles. I started composing music when...
  18. Lord KJWilliams

    Discussion The Video Game Industry vs. The Music Industry

    Ive always wanted to know the difference between getting into the video game industry as a game programmer versus getting into the music industry as a music artist. I am into both fields, but I am more familiar with what I have been told as a musician , on what it takes to get into the music...
  19. Dwighty4000

    Windows music and Rooms?

    Is there a way I can do, that I can play a music that does not restart every time if I enter a new Room? The music "audio_play_sound(music, 100, true);" restart every time if the codeline: "room_goto(room1);" is in the same moment running...
  20. Peyton Burnham

    Demo Rose of Starcross RPG (On Kickstarter! - FUNDING MET)

    Kickstarter launch trailer here! Kickstarter: There's some early backer stuff too so check it out! This is Rose of Starcross! Originally titled Behind the Rose! It's a turn-based RPG mostly similar to the...