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    How to deal with the delay in music game?

    Hey everyone I am trying to make a music game in GMS2, however if I use step to create notes, it might have delay and be not right for the beat, so is there a way to get the BGM's time or the real time (delta time)?
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    Making a Rythmic Rayman like level

    I using game maker studio 1.4 and I want to make a musical runner level like castle rock in Rayman legends. I need to know how to design levels and sync it with my chosen music.
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    help with rhythm game please

    im new in this... im making a rhythm game... the player is a triangle that "beat" like a heart, i want to make it "beat" according with a 90bpm track, my method in theory should work... //create event/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// scaleX = 1.7; scaleY = 1.7...