music creation

  1. Deckhead

    Making your own music

    This is pretty off topic to Game Maker specifically but I thought devs here might find this useful. I wrote a tutorial on getting started making your own Chip-Tune style music, in a way that uses free or open source software and that doesn't require any musical knowledge (except ears and taste)...
  2. H

    Music Making Advice

    Anyone have advice for making video game music for a platformer? The only thing I understand about making music, as a novice, is that you need a good beat. But besides a really short drum beat, I have no idea on what to do to make a song that doesn't get annoying in a few seconds. Any advice and...
  3. Cody Shrimpton

    Portfolio - Audio Gaming Music Composer

    Greetings, Do you need music for your upcoming game? My name is Cody, and I love to write and orchestrate music. I have been composing for about 7 years now, and have worked on multiple game projects. I value your time, so I won't ramble on. If you are someone who values having a good OST for...
  4. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 RNG music bot

    What is this? This is a bot which generates random chord progressions following modern western music rules. Each progression has 4 chords, and will starts with I and finish with either IV or V For the 2 missing chords, the bot generates 2 random numbers between 1 and 6 and will fill in the...
  5. RizbIT

    Android [Free][Music] BeatDrops Beat Maker App

    Available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Windows. BeatDrops is a free music creation app with hundreds of samples where you can create fun new original beats, loops, ringtones and songs by dragging samples onto a sequencer. Features: Save and Share your beats / projects to the world...