music composition

  1. WanderingArtist

    Portfolio - Audio Musician looking for games to work on (Classical/Orchestral)

    Hello! I'm an italian pianist and composer. I really love doing music for games and I did some in the past but I want to do more! Here's a playlist of some of my past works: WanderingArtist Portfolio and here's my bandcamp page: Please contact me if...
  2. C

    Portfolio - Audio [For Hire] Chiptune musician looking for work

    Hello :) The name’s Creepslime! I make music for games and stuff, and I’m looking for some work. Usually it’s kinda upbeat, but I can do some slower things as well. I’ve made music for multiple game projects in the past. Here’s a google doc with some of the stuff if you want a listen...
  3. Deckhead

    Making your own music

    This is pretty off topic to Game Maker specifically but I thought devs here might find this useful. I wrote a tutorial on getting started making your own Chip-Tune style music, in a way that uses free or open source software and that doesn't require any musical knowledge (except ears and taste)...
  4. Cody Shrimpton

    Portfolio - Audio Gaming Music Composer

    Greetings, Do you need music for your upcoming game? My name is Cody, and I love to write and orchestrate music. I have been composing for about 7 years now, and have worked on multiple game projects. I value your time, so I won't ramble on. If you are someone who values having a good OST for...
  5. P

    Portfolio - Audio [Sound / Music] Wonderful Soundscapes for your Projects!

    Hi everybody! I’m a Sound Designer / Music Composer working since 2011 and have been creating audio for a lot of exciting projects: Battlerite, War Thunder, Insomnia and a lot of mobile and indie titles. I'm desperately searching for a new projects and ready to jump onto something new! High...
  6. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 RNG music bot

    What is this? This is a bot which generates random chord progressions following modern western music rules. Each progression has 4 chords, and will starts with I and finish with either IV or V For the 2 missing chords, the bot generates 2 random numbers between 1 and 6 and will fill in the...
  7. ProjectGamesInc

    Opinion WIP Soundtracks - Hints and Opinions

    Hi guys! Since we are starting to have the first soundtracks done for our new game, i want to post them here so i can get some opinions. All the tracks are 100% made by us, we use FruityLoop12 and a set of VSTi, everything is done inside the program, using a small keyboard as main tool for...
  8. P

    Portfolio - Audio Are you looking for music composition for your project?

    Kia ora all, I would like to offer my services as a musical composer for your next project! It's been a long time since I've been on the GMC forum and oh my me it's all changed! What I'm looking for? I am not looking for any one thing in particular, I am happy to help with anything from...
  9. A

    Portfolio - Audio Music composer looking for projects

    My name is Kevin and I'm a composer looking for a video game project to contribute on. I've been composing for about 15 years and I've decided this year that I'd bring my music to the next level to be able to compose for video games. I like many styles of music and I truly do want to bring you...
  10. WWW Surfing Dinosaur

    Portfolio - Audio Music Composer Looking To Gain Experience

    Hello. I am a Canadian music composer looking for projects. As of this date, I have made music for one unpublished game and one unpublished demo, both as university projects. I'm looking to gain some more experience in composing video game music outside of a university setting. I have a fairly...
  11. Falanca

    Portfolio - Audio Experienced Music Composer Looking for New Projects

    Hello Guys! My name is Tozan and i am a multi instrumentalist Game Musician - Freelance Composer from Istanbul. I have 14 years experience with music. 4 years in game industry, worked for many indie games. You can see my portfolio on these links, SoundCloud:
  12. afilionComposer

    Portfolio - Audio Afilion - Custom Music & Sound Design

    Hey guys! I am Afilion and I am a music composer and sound designer. My links: Portfolio/Website Twitter YouTube Soundcloud A bit about me! I go by Afilion but you can call me Justin. I specialize in custom music and sound design for video-games and trailers. A few credits: Super Smash...
  13. L

    Audio Creating Melodies (iOS)

    Koji Kondo - Music Theory Study - Melodies The Lost Woods - Koji Kondo - Ocarina of Time (1998) Song of Storms - Koji Kondo - Ocarina of Time (1998) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Above /\ This line...