1. David Lorenz

    Parent Objects question

    Hello everyone! After quite a lot of time using parents to organize objects, I found myself tangled in what seems the need of having objects with multiple parents each. I tried to search for some solutions, but all I understood is that if I think I need objects with more than one parent I simply...
  2. Lens

    SOLVED Having problems to identify multiple objects with a collision rectangle

    Hello, good morning/afternoon/evening! I'm using a collision rectangle to identify other object instances around the room, and, while there is any of those specific objects touching/being inside the rectangle, the main character (whose posseses the collision rectangle) will change a variable...
  3. Nathan

    GMS 2 Randomize position by multiples of 24

    I have a very simple spawning object which randomly spawns an object every 2 seconds. What I would like it to do the spawner creates the objects in the same y position of the spawner, but the x position I want to be randomized multiples of 24 (ie. x, x+24, x+48, x+72, x, x-24, x-48, x-72 etc)...
  4. Vargas

    GMS 2 A Game With Navy Ships in It

    Introduction: So I've gone through the basic tutorial on Youtube for GMS2 before but I wanted to try something a little more ambitious this time around. Instead of making a small game where you have one objects that flies around, I'm making one where you drive a warship and use multiple turrets...
  5. maxdax5

    Checking for multiple collision...

    Hey hey buddies! I looked on how to check for multiple collision at once and only came up to the "instance_place_list" which happens to work. I just want to understand why this dont work: if (instance_place(x,y,all) != noone){ under = instance_place(x,y,all); with (under){ if...
  6. animated_ginger

    enemy health not subtracting properly

    Hello! this is my first ever post on this form and I am also very new to this community! I have a problem with my game that has been bugging me. I have this black hole bullet that's supposed to subtract the enemies (they are all connected to a parent object) health While the enemy is...
  7. Silver_Mantis

    Windows Multiple Root Views Error is Seriously a Killer Issue.

    I've had this happen several times and I have just had it with Game Maker Studio. I cannot believe my files just keep getting corrupted over and over again. This is probably the 6th time. And this time even my back up copy wont load. So it looks like I have to import everything from scratch into...
  8. FeetUpGaming

    Replace multiple characters in a string

    Hey having trouble figuring how to replace multiple sets of characters in a string at once. I have a file save and load system where the player picks the save file name but to do that i need to make sure they don't do anything silly like putting @,£,$,/,| etc in the file name so how would i go...
  9. Zaid

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Multiple textures on a single vertex buffer

    GMS2 IDE v2.2.1.375 GMS2 Runtime v2.2.1.291 Preface: I have been briefly learning how 3D works within GMS2 and am trying to write a simple 3D game by scratch so I understand all of the ins-and-outs. No 3rd party extensions and 3rd party scripts are only allowed if I fully understand them. Just...
  10. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Debug window only allows one instance and breaks when debugging multiple projects at the same time

    I am not 100% sure if this is still a problem, it may have been fixed, though I doubt it. When I was working with networking, I'm ought to use a client and a server for testing, even multiple servers. This requires multiple projects, and sometimes even for multiple debuggers. But because of...
  11. W

    Mac OSX Question | "Drawing" Multiple Instances

    I'm using a Mac to develop with Gamer Maker Studio 2. I'm trying to "draw" multiple instances into a room by dragging the mouse while holding the Alt key, though I understand this must be exclusive to PC. I'm following Shaun's platformer tutorial where he mention's "drawing" instances by holding...
  12. qbot21

    GMS 2 How to display objects in certain viewports/cameras?

    Hello everyone :) I'm fairly new to the GM2 camera system. Im working on a small prototype of pc board game. The main idea for UI contains fullscreen, scrollable map (done) and player cards shown on top of the map and 'moving' with view when player navigates the map. Here's the problem. For...
  13. A

    Question - Code Using Zip / UnZip to Overwrite Rooms / Objects / Sprites

    Basically i created 3 games, with the same object code and names. Now I want to package it into one app which will access all 3. Eg. Game A, Game B and Game C Game A is loaded by default, Game B and Game C are zipped. If the user selects Game B, I want it to unzip and overwrite Game A...
  14. MMM

    Asset - Demo Multiple gravity fields

    Multiple gravity fields This Game Maker Studio 1 / Game Maker Studio 2 demo will show you how to make multiple planets, each with their own gravity, or a simple solar system.
  15. XirmiX

    GML Is it better for run-time to have multiple objects or a single object with multiple states?

    Lets say you want to have different types of projectiles for different weapons. Would it be wiser for better fps to have an object for each projectile type or have the projectile be a single object that has different types?
  16. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM Drawing multiple textures along a single path

    Greetings, Is it possible to draw multiple textures along a single path? The most excellent "Ribbon Project" shows how to draw a single texture along a path and even alternate between this single texture--however, I would like to able to draw a mix of textures in a random pattern, say, like...
  17. Cloaked Games

    Question - Account Two Publisher Accounts?

    So, I just made my Marketplace Publisher account, but somehow there's two accounts listed. They're exactly the same info I originally submitted, but one of them has my payment details which I added before I realized there were two. Did I like, accidentally press the submit button twice when the...
  18. FeetUpGaming

    Legacy GM Multiple textures from one background

    Hey i was just curious is there a way to get multiple textures from the same background by putting in the coordinates, width and height of the place on the background to get a texture from it. I'm trying to replicate the way Minecraft handles it's mob textures by having that single image for...
  19. B

    Transferring the object

    Hello everybody I am quite new to game maker studio so I wanna ask you something. How do I transfer my object (player) from one room to another along with some other objects too. Any help please. Thank you
  20. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM Cant change alpha of multiple object - did I use 'with' wrong?

    I want to do image_alpha -=0.05 to multiple objects at the same time, and somehow this is not working. IT works if I just do image_alpha -= 0.05 and then apply to the specify object in the code form windowborder, but when I do it on the way below with script it does not affect those objects...